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http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/BarcelonaHotels.html Accommodation in Barcelona Hotels in the city of Barcelona range from budget lodging to luxury accommodation and the Mediterranean climate makes visiti
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Granada-Travel.html Accommodation in Granada The hotel is set on the same hilltop as the palace, allowing you great views over the city of Granada and the mountains of t
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Costa-Brava-Roses-hotels.html Accommodation in Roses hotels The coastal resort of Roses is located in a unique natural setting, at the north of the Costa Brava. Staying at Roses hotels
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/Salzburg-Accommodation.html Accommodation in Salzburg Most of Salzburg's sites can easily be accessed on foot and especialy Altstadt which is mostly pedestrianized. The local bus
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/Salzkammergut-Accommodation.html Accommodation in Salzkammergut region Visitors from all the world come to Salzkammergut region to enjoy atmosphere of small towns. Accommodation in Austria offers
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Sardinia-Accommodation.html Accommodation in Sardinia Your holiday could be any type - romantic, wilde, on the country or on the beach. Choose from a number of quality hotels in 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Andalucia-Holiday.html Accommodation in Spain Accommodation in Spain is excellent and affordable. They have some of the best hotels in Europe. You have the choice of brea
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Valencia-Accommodation.html Accommodation in Valencia region The city of valencia has an extensive historic centre, a wonderful range of shops, plus excellent sports facilities, includi
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/Accommodation-In-Venice.html Accommodation in Venice - Italy Accommodation on the island of Torcello is good choise and away of the bustle of Venice. Early mornings are there fairy expe
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Andalusia-Travel-Hotels.html Accommodation on Costa de la Luz Hotels located on the seaside of Atlantic sea offers many amenities including restaurants, sauna, cafeteria, entertainment a
http://www.hikenow.net/Agrigento-Sicily.html Agrigento Sicily Agrigento temples in Sicily is archeological site which was classiified as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997 as collectio
http://www.hikenow.net/France/ajaccio-map-corsica.html Ajaccio Map Corsica Ajaccio is probably one of the most known towns because it was a birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. The mediterranean port ci
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Albufera-Park-Valencia.html Albufera park - Valencia Albufera park lies south of Valencia City and is accessible with no problems by a car, from nearly any where. Down to Culler
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SevillaAlcazar.html Alcazar Sevilla - Alcazar castle Next to the Cathedral we can visit Reales Alcazares. It was the first royal palace in Seville formed by a series of smaller 
http://www.hikenow.net/France/algajola-beach-corsica.html Algajola beach - Corsica holidays Algajola beach Corsica is located about 6 kilometers away from Ile Rousse toward town of Calvi. Some of the hotels in Algajo
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Alghero-beaches.html Alghero beaches Alghero with their scenic beaches offers visitors great refreshment and sunbathing. For those visitors who are more active a
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Alghero-travel-guide.html Alghero travel guide Alghero’s old quarter with restaurants, boutiques and bars, attracts many visitors. The historical centre Centro Stor"
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/AlhambraTickets.html Alhambra palace Granada - Spain Alhambra was the palace, citadel, fortress and home of the Sultan Nasrid dynasty, senior government officials and elite troo
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/AlhambraPalaceGranadaPictures.html Alhambra Pictures - Palace of Granada Last time when we visited Alhambra, we choose bicycle as transport. Walk between the sites in the summer heat, with view to 
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/Amalfi-Coast-Hotels.html Amalfi coast hotels - Italy If you are looking for hotels on Amalfi Coast, choose a room with outdoor terrace or balcony where you can enjoy view to the
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/Amalfi-Coast-Hotels.html?aid=320876 Amalfi coast hotels - Italy If you are looking for hotels on Amalfi Coast, choose a room with outdoor terrace or balcony where you can enjoy view to the
http://www.hikenow.net/AmalfiAlb.html Amalfi Coast Map The long isolation of the Amalfi coast, which until the last century could only be reached by sea , has meant that numeruos 
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/AmalfiCoastTravel.html Amalfi Coast Travel You can start your Amalfi coast travel in Sorrento which is famous by its lemon-tree-lined streets. , make your way along th
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/amaya-lake-srilanka.html Amaya Lake Sri lanka Kandalama Tank with Amaya Lake resort is a beautiful lake situated close the town of Dambullah, which is around 160 kilometr
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/ElxExoticPlace.html An exotic place - Elx Palm tree orchards are the most characteristic feature of the urban landscape of Elx. The surround the city like a huge gree
http://www.hikenow.net/Ancient-greek-gods.html Ancient greek gods Zeus For a long time there were only men on earth then Zeus became angry with these man, and more especialy with the Titan who wa
http://www.hikenow.net/Ancient-Olympic-Games.html Ancient Olympic Games The Olympic games were the greatest event in ancient Greece. History records that they were held continuously for 1200 years
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/anuradhapura-travel-map.html Anuradhapura travel, Anuradhapura map, Anuradhapura City If you prefer travel by Bus then try to catch an intercity bus service which leaving Colombo every 30 minutes to drive to Da
http://www.hikenow.net/France/piana-arone-beach-corsica.html Arone beach and Piana village - Corsica holidays On your holidays in Corsica you have to stop at this charming Corsican village of Piana with houses made of red granite. Aro
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Arrive-Sardinia.html Arrive to Sardinia You can arrive Sardinia by air or by ferry. You can choose by two types of Ferries:Ferries that do night crossings and fast 
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/grossglockner-heiligenblut-ski.html Austria ski resort - Grossglockner - Heiligenblut In proximity of the wonderful mountain surroundings at Austria’s peak mountain Großglockner (3798m) lies the ski
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/travel-to-grossglockner-heiligenblut.html Austria ski resort - Grossglockner - Heiligenblut Heiligenblut lies in the Austrian-Carinthian province, it is an attractive village under famous Grossglockner about 1.300 me
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/Austria-tours-Salzkammergut.html Austria tours - Salzkammergut Tour to the region of Salzkammergut is full of lakes. Hired rooms in so called gasthauses are very idylic and charming with 
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/Austria-tours-Tscheppa-Gorge.html Austria tours - Tscheppaschlucht gorge In Loibl region travellers can experience lovely hikes around Tscheppaschlucht canyon. You can start your hike to the Tschep
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/LateHolidays-Rovinj.html Autmn holidays to croatia Days of summer and enjoying on the beach in the warm sun of Rovinj are almost over. Autumn brings in the Mediterranean new a
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/bad-kleinkirchheim-winter-holidays.html Bad Kleinkirchheim and Oswald ski resort - Skiing in Austria Skiing in Austria - Between Bad Kleinkirchheim and St. Oswald all pistes can be directly reached on skis or snowboard. The s
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/bad-kleinkirchheim-oswald-winter-pictures.html Bad Kleinkirchheim and Oswald ski resort pictures Skiing in Austria - Both the ladies and men of the skiing scene have shown their strengths at World Cup races in Bad Kleinki
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/bad-kleinkirchheim-map.html Bad Kleinkirchheim Map - Travel to Austria Countryside of Bad Kleinkirchheim and St Oswald offers a shorter or longer walking routes. Take a map on your trip tour.
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/bad-kleinkirchheim-weather.html Bad Kleinkirchheim Weather The summers in Bad Kleinkirchheim are pretty warm with periodicaly rains and it can get cool at nights. The weather in summe
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/Beach-Lefkas.html Beach Lefkas - Greece Lefkas Island has some fine beaches, and attractive offshore islets. The most popular beach on Lefkada is Porto Katsiki with
http://www.hikenow.net/France/saint-florent-corsica-visit.html Beaches and town of St Florent gulf - Corsica At the end of a long St Florent gulf on the north of Corsica, the village of St Florent sits with its brightly coloured hous
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/PortorozeBeach.html Beaches of Portorose One of the main motives for visiting Portorose resort is for sure littoral climate which asure pleasant stay and sunbath on 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Map-Of-Benidorm.html Benidorm map Best chois to reach Benidorm is by plane. Airport is situated approximately 12 kilometres south of Alicante and 50 km from B
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Benidorm-Travel.html Benidorm September Many englishman prefers holiday to Benidorm in september. Resort of Benidorm is one of destinations where engishman prefers 
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/BicycleLakeBled_Bohinj.html Bicycle trip from Lake Bled to Lake Bohinj - Slovenia The weather was nice and sunny and the view on the Lake Bled was great. My friend invited me to bicycle trip from Lake Bled 
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/LakeBledTravel-Radovna.html Bicycle trip from Lake Bled to the river Radovna valley Starting point of tour to valley of Radovna is famous Lake Bled. By Bled castle abolish round asphalted regional road in dir
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfBlanes.html Blanes photos - Costa Brava Along the coast of Costa Brava you can find some popular resorts like Blanes, Lloret de Mar, Tosa de Mar, and La Patja d'Oro
http://www.hikenow.net/Bled-Travel.html Bled travel - Slovenia Traveler or tourists can reach Lake Bled Island on a traditional boat called a pletna. The visitors needs to climb ninety-ni
http://www.hikenow.net/France/bodri-beach-corsica.html Bodri and Giuncheddu beaches - Corsica holidays Actual there are two beaches: Bodri and Giuncheddu beach. Both beaches lies south of the town Ille Rousse. Bodri beach is a 
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/Lake-Bohinj-Waterfall.html Bohinj Holiday - trip to the Savica Waterfall The most of visitors who spend their holidays in Lake Bohinj are lover of nature and outdoor life. They all enjoy natural be
http://www.hikenow.net/France/bonifacio-map-corsica.html Bonifacio Map - Holidays in Corsica At the southern end of Corsica map lie Bonifacio, located on a small peninsula of white limestone. Take a day trip on your h
http://www.hikenow.net/SloveniaBook.html Books about Slovenia Useful guides to Slovenia, a tiny but beautiful corner of Europe tucked between Austria, Italy and Croatia. The reading publ
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SpainBook.html Books about spain Books, guide and all other about Spain...Spain is a major destination for activity holidays attracting hikers, cyclists, bir
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Buzet-Croatia.html Buzet Croatia Landscape of Buzet Croatia is very diverse, their altitude mesure from 10 m to over 1000 m. Your 30 km long bike tour you wi
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/CadizTravel.html Cadiz travel The most interesting thing when you travel to the city of Cadiz is that the ild part of town is totally surrounded by water.
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/OldTownTravel-Cagliari.html Cagliari Holiday - trip through old town Cagliari town is the largest in Sardinia and also the capital of the island. Before downtown of Cagliari we photographed fla
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Cagliari-Holiday.html Cagliari Holidays - Poetto beach Sardinia The Poetto beach in Cagliari has become popular until the early 20th century, because citizens of Cagliari at that time were
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Cala-Gonone-hotels.html Cala Gonone Hotels - Beaches of Orosei Gulf The area around Dorgali has a large number of attractions. In the surroundings of Cala Gonone there are numerous long and sh
http://www.hikenow.net/France/calanques-de-piana-corsica.html Calanques de Piana - Corsica holidays Les Calanques de Piana is one of the most stunning landscapes on the island of Corsica. The hotel in Piana and Porto provide
http://www.hikenow.net/France/calvi-beach-corsica.html Calvi beaches - Corsica holidays For those who like beach cafés, restaurants and water sports of all kinds Calvi beaches are right place. The Citadel 
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/camping-hvar.html Camping Hvar If you are looking for camping on the island of Hvar, where you'll spend the days with the locals, with them catch fish and 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/CampingCostaBrava-CalaLlevado.html Camping Lloret de Mar - Costa Brava Around 3 km before Tossa del Mar I noticed by the road sign for a camping place Cala Llevado, there was also well lightet ro
http://www.hikenow.net/France/camping-corsica.html Camping on Corsica holidays Year after year, Corsica is the most popular European destination for holidays and camping. Whether your looking for cultura
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Croatia-Tourism-Pag-Simuni.html Camping Simuni - Pag Croatia For Mediterranean villages and settlements is known that they are situated along the coastal line of the island. We stayed a
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Croatia-Tourism-Pag-town.html Camping Simuni - Pag Croatia Town of Pag was founded and built in the 15th century, and the main reason was the salt. On the Pag island is still present 
http://www.hikenow.net/France/campomoro-beach-corsica.html Campomoro beach - Corsica holidays The long beach of Campomoro is one's Corsica's finest. There is a fring of restaurants and bars. The view from hotels in Sar
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Capo-d-Orso.html Capo d Orso - Sardinia The rock of Bear has been visited since prehistoric times and was so wel known to the first seafarer who approached Sardinia
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Capo-Testa.html Capo Testa - Sardinia The eastern region of Gallura stretches from Sardinia's northern tip at Capo Testa to Nuoro in the middle of the island. The
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Car-hire-Sardinia.html Car hire - Sardinia Car hire can offer you great and cheap way for exploring secret places of Sardina.
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/GaudiCasaBatlloBarcelona.html Casa Batllo - Barcelona One of the most innovative and creative architect of all times Antoni Gaudi is the creator of Casa Batllo – Batllo Hou
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/CaveHomesPurullena.html Cave homes in Purullena Spain The Purullena caves are from Arabic origin. 30 Years ago everybody in this town lived in caves. Today 1100 paople out of a t
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/CheapVillas-Sardinia.html Cheap Villas Sardinia From beach villas to bustling night clubs and from farmhouse to the famous boutiques of the Costa Smeralda- the villas in Sa
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/ColomboHoliday.html Colombo holiday - Sri Lanka Colombo - Sri Lanka has over two million inhabitants and it is a mixture of old and new. It is different from other cities. 
http://www.hikenow.net/Corfu.html Corfu Greek Island Most people come to Grek island Corfu by plane, car, ship or ferry. Some flights to Corfu island are very cheap, i recomend 
http://www.hikenow.net/France/argentella-beach-corsica.html Corsica holidays: Beaches of Corsica - Argentella The particular clear water of Argentella beach shelves deep, so that you will get to swim quickly. It is easy of access howe
http://www.hikenow.net/France/corsica-towns-sartene.html Corsica town - Sartene The town of Sartene is located in south-west Corsica a only some kilometres into the mountains south-east of Propriano. The 
http://www.hikenow.net/France/corsica-weather.html Corsica Weather July and August are the warmest and the sunniest months. The forests and mountain villages offer pleasant comfort on Corsica
http://www.hikenow.net/France/corsican-places.html Corsican places - Holidays in Corsica There are many trails through island where you can cross Corsica on foot if you like. One of the most know is more than 100 
http://www.hikenow.net/France/corte-old-town-corsica.html Corte Corsica - fortress Corte - Corsica is not only interesting because of the old city and fortress , but also because of attractive surroundings w
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Holidays-CostaDelSud.html Costa del Sud, Holidays in Sardinia -Teulada region From Chia beach to the Capo Teulada lies small and secret beaches with beautifull sea. There are no beach facilities except 
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/CroatiaIslands-Cres.html Cres Island - Vacation idea Many opt for the rental of apartments in Cres Island, the other camps in one of the camps, the third they like best accommod
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/crete-sights.html Crete sights - Greece The must see sights which are worth of visit in Crete islad is for shure Crete Aquarium and Minoan palace at Knossos with Ar
http://www.hikenow.net/CreteTravel.html Crete vacation - Travel to Crete Greece Traveling from resort to resort on Crete island could be very interesting for tourists who like active vacations.
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Croatia-Accommodation.html Croatia Accommodation Take a holiday on the great cost of Croatia for a perfect summer in your own holiday apartment. Croatia warmly invites holid
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/CroatiaIslands-Kvarner.html Croatia Islands - Kvarner coast The waters around Kvarner islands Cres and Losinj are one of the most attractive areas in the Adriatic – particularly 
http://www.hikenow.net/Map-of-Croatia-Opatija.html Croatia tourism - Opatija An almost 12 kilometers long promenade alongside the sea, the famous Opatija lungomare, stretch along the Opatija coastline 
http://www.hikenow.net/France/cupabia-beach-corsica.html Cupabia beach - Corsica holidays Cupabia beach is a beautiful small and quite remote beach with good sand and crystalline water. Behind it is a small campsit
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Holidays-to-croatiaIstria.html Cycling holidays to Croatia Istria Cycling in a relaxed surroundings of Istria Croatia peninsula near picturesque fishing village and tourists resort offers re
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SalvadorDaliFiguere.html Dali Figueras - Salvador Dali museum Figueres The building of Salvador Dali Theatre in Figueras was created by the architect Roca i Bros and it was built between 1849 and
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SalvadorDaliGala.html Dali Gala - Pubol Castle The castle was left in a state of ruin until 1970, when it was bought by Salvador Dali as a present for his wife Gala..
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/Dambulla-Temple.html Dambulla temple - Sri Lanka Dambulla Temple is combined from five caves with stone frontages, in which we can find statues of Buddha and pictures. Sanct
http://www.hikenow.net/GreekGodApollo-Delphi.html Delphi Greece West of Castalia along the main road , we arrive shortly at the official Sanctuary of Delphi Greece, that of Apollo. This oc
http://www.hikenow.net/UAE/explore-dubai-open-air-bus.html Dubai Open air Bus - explore Dubai You can visit and explore Dubai from the top of a Big Bus. It is an god idea to drive with a open air bus. View from the ope
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/ElxPalmGroves.html Elx Palm Groves Palm trees mainly provide two products: dates and white palm leaves . In addition to the normal operations of fertilising an
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/ElxCityOfPalm.html Elx the city of palm trees Elche (Elx) - the city of palm trees. Elx is now one of the few cities in the world with two cultural treasures.
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/epidavros-greece.html Epidavros - Greece The acoustic of the theatre in Epidavros Greece is worlds known and you can try it for yourself. People can go on the top of
http://www.hikenow.net/Map-Of-Sicily-Erice.html Erice Sicily - Sicilia Erice Sicily is a two faced town; there is the bright, sunny face that smiles during the long, hot summer days and there is 
http://www.hikenow.net/ Europe travel and hike advisor Trip and hike advisor for travellers through Europe. Description of mountain rout, short trips to cities of Europe and descr
http://www.hikenow.net/index.html Europe travel and hike advisor Trip and hike advisor for travellers through Europe. Description of mountain rout, short trips to cities of Europe and descr
http://www.hikenow.net/UAE/explore-dubai-burj-skiing.html Explore Dubai - Burj Al Arab and skiing in Dubai We hired a taxi to find out and visit a snow skiing centre in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab looks extraordinary, so we wanted to k
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Flamenco-Barcelona.html Flamenco Barcelona Barcelona is full of surprising rhytms, scents, colors, feelings and uncommon experiences.
http://www.hikenow.net/France/prunelli-tolla-trip.html From Ajaccio to Prunelli gorge, Tolla and Bastelica villages Despite the comfortable accommodation in Ajaccio and the nearby beaches, it is difficult to resist a trip to the interior of
http://www.hikenow.net/ZelenciAlbum.html From Lake Bled to Zelenci - source of river Sava - Kranjska Gora Starting in the charming hotel of Lake Bled, your trip continue in direction of 40 km far away village Kranjska Gora. There 
http://www.hikenow.net/LakeTriglavValleyWalk.html From Lake Bohinj to Lake Triglav valley The Triglav valley is the core of the national park and unique for its scenery with high rock faces, glaciated lakes, plenti
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/fusine-laghi-family-cycling.html Fusine Laghi - family cycling from Kranjska Gora to Laghi di Fusine Lovely area of Fusine Laghi lakes are one of the most important natural sights of the Julian Alps. The lakes, Superiore and 
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/gal-viharaya-polonnaruwa.html Gal Viharaya, Gal Vihara Polonnaruwa Only few kilometres from Polonnaruwa you can find another remains of Polonnaruwa town - a World Heritage Site: Gal Viharaya
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/TravelToGibraltar.html Gibraltar beach - holidays to Gibraltar Best beaches in Gibraltar lies before airport - Eastern Beach is the largest beach stretching for several hundred metres. I 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SevillaGiralda.html Giralda Sevilla and cathedral of Sevilla Seville and Giralda tower is just one of the Seville attractions, this is the odlest Arab minaret, it is the symbol of this 
http://www.hikenow.net/France/girolata-corsica.html Girolata Scandola - Corsica holidays Bay of Girolata is an exceptional location. Here, the island has reserved its natural smell. A only few times away, Girolata
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/GlobalWarming-Venice.html Global warming - Venice Italy Venice is foretelled, that they will disappear under the sea surface, because of global warming
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/Gmunden-Traunsee-Austria.html Gmunden Traunsee - Austria Take a trip to Gmunden castle Schloss Orth. It is set in the lake Traunsee which is connected to mainland by a wooden bridge
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Golfo-Di-Orosei.html Golfo di Orosei - Sardinia Departure to Golofo di Orosei excursion in the morning from Arbatax or Santa Maria Navarrese. At the beginning of the excurs
http://www.hikenow.net/France/gr20-corsica-bavella.html GR20 Corsica - Bavella mountains After discovering the coast of Porto Vecchio we decided for a trip to the Bavella mountains and discover part of GR20 on the
http://www.hikenow.net/France/gr20-corsica-mount-d-oro.html GR20 Corsica - Mount d'Oro If you are planning a trip to Corsica than you should not forget hiking equipment. In our trip we had planned few climbs on 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/GranadaTravelSierraNevada.html Granada travel - Sierra Nevada The towns and villages below Sierra Nevada mountain are in the heart of nature, maintaining their traditions with the advant
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/GreeceWeather.html Greece Weather september Most of Greece enjoys classic Mediterranean climate, with the exception of the north which is continental.
http://www.hikenow.net/GreekGodApollo.html Greek god Apollo Andritsena Short trip from Andritsena Greece to temple of Greek god Apollo...Apollo was always associated with beauty and grace and was
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/GuadixSpainCaveHomes.html Guadix Spain - cave homes In ochre colored terrain of Guadix and the snow white chimneys of the caves contrast with the peaks of the Sierra Nevada.
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/GuidedHolidays-CostaRei.html Guided tour - Costa Rei Sardinia You can get to the Costa Rei from Muravera on the road to Castiadas. The beach is really long. Beyond the 8 kilometres long 
http://www.hikenow.net/Hallstatt-Austria.html Hallstatt travel - Austria Travel to Hallstatt and explore picturesque salt-mining village, 22 km from Bad Ischl. It was built into the steep slope tha
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/hersonissos-holidays.html Hersonissos Holidays - Greece The bay of Malia and Hersonissos is a huge touristic area near beautiful sandy and rocky beaches. Good company, delicious fo
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http://www.hikenow.net/Hiking1.html Hiking in Slovenia Let enjoy your vacation in Slovenia and beautiful nature of Slovenia Mountains. Take your hiking boots, immerse in the beaut
http://www.hikenow.net/PokljukaWalk.html Hiking surrounding Lake Bled Slovenia Special location of Lake Bled on border with Triglav national park offer great chois to explore surrounding. Pokljuka platea
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/BenidormBeach.html Holiday in Benidorm In Summer time the City of Benidorm - Spain become one big party it has more than 30 Discos and over 1000 Restaurants
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/bali-crete-holidays-greece.html Holidays in Bali Crete - Greece Holiday in peaceful environment of Bali Crete will definitely want to spend couples and all those who wish to enjoy in natur
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Holidays-PanDiZucchero.html Holidays in Sardinia - Pan di Zucchero Masua is a small hidden a sandy beach surrounded by the mountains and overlooking the white rock islet of Pan di Zucchero
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/holidays-agios-nikolaos-greece.html Holidays to Agios Nikolaos - Greece Aghios Nikolaos is a great Cretan holidays resort. It is a town and tourist resort on the coast of the Greek island of Crete
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Istria-Hotels-Croatia.html Hotels in Istria Croatia Choose one of hotels located on the edge of a unique and wonderful hundred-year old nature park called Zlatni Rt - Punta Cor
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/Sicily-Holidays-Accommodation.html Hotels Sicily Sicily is rewarded with a spectacular coast and views which are among the most treasured in the world making holidays in Sic
http://www.hikenow.net/France/visit-corsica.html How to get to Corsica - Visit Corsica: Corsica holidays The most practical way for Corsica holidays and also my suggestion to reach Corsica is by boat. Travel by car: it is the bes
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/hvar-holidays.html Hvar holidays - Croatia Genuine Hvar island, charming locals and inexhaustible natural and cultural heritage are the assurance that your holidays on
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/hvar-map.html Hvar map - Croatia Well, first of all; you already made an excellent choice with travel to Croatian island of Hvar. Hvar Island is accessible b
http://www.hikenow.net/Hydra.html Hydra island - Greece Hydra island enchants its visitors with its traditional architecture and imposing mansions , its blooming garden and scenic 
http://www.hikenow.net/BohinjAlb.html Idyllic Lake Bohinj Slovenia Bohinj is one of the most beautiful places in the centre of the Julian Alps and in the Triglav National Park. The natural be
http://www.hikenow.net/France/Ile-Rousse-corsica.html Ile Rousse beach - Corsica You will be surprised by the intense of hustle and bustle of Ille Rousse seaside town. Close the Ille Rousse town is situate
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Istria-Hotels.html Istria hotels Croatia Most of Opatija hotels are located in the centre or above the picturesque Lungomare promenade right at the sea. Sea side roo
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Istria-Map-Oprtalj.html Istria map - Oprtalj and Livade On your travel to the contryside of Istria and Oprtalj region you will see limes stone landscape, old houses, and romantic p
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/Istria-Slovenia.html Istria Slovenia Only few kilometer away from main resort of Portorose you can peep in to countryside of Slovenia's Istria and life of native
http://www.hikenow.net/VelikaBaba.html Jezersko Slovenia - Climb to Mt. Velika Baba The small romantic lake at Jezersko close the Slovenia and Austria border, marks the starting point for ascent to Mt. Velika
http://www.hikenow.net/Kalamata.html Kalamata holidays - Greece travel Summers in Kalamata are longer than in the rest of Greece which gives the locals and visitors on a holidays longer time to e
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/KandyCity.html Kandy city - SriLanka Walking around streets of Kandy city you can find all kind or social classes of people at the same places.
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/KandySriLanka.html Kandy SriLanka The city of Kandy SriLanka is easily explored by foot. The climate is a little cooler and less humid than in the capital, Co
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/ski-resort-austria-katschberg.html Katschberg - Ski resort Austria Katschberg is the ideal Austrian ski destination for families and beginners. With gentle nursery slopes and children's ski a
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/Kranjska-Gora-Slovenia.html Kranjska Gora Slovenia If you prefer the rest in the surrounding of cool mountains more than holidays to the sea, visit Kranjska Gora - Slovenia.
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/LaCalahorraSpain.html La Calahorra castle La Calahorra Castle-Palace is one of the most important Works of the Spanish Renaissance. The village of La Calahorra is sit
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfLaHerradura.html La Herradura Costa Tropical - pictures La Herradura is located on Spain's Costa Tropical. Long beach of La Herradura, its excellent selection of tapas bars and res
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/LaRambla-Barcelona.html La Ramblas - Barcelona La Rambla is the most famous street in Barcelona Spain where you can admire Spanish history, find interesting restaurants an
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/CastlesSardinia-Aymerich.html Laconi - Park and garden of Aymerich castle - Sardinia The main centre of Laconi area houses a beautiful park, rich in magnificant plants and streams, wich surrounds with Aymerich
http://www.hikenow.net/Lake-Bled-hotel.html Lake Bled hotel Hotels are situated in the heart of Bled and offers visitors wonderful views across the picturesque lake with its island, th
http://www.hikenow.net/BledAlb.html Lake Bled Slovenia The town Bled wraps around the beautiful Lake Bled. Take a map go out and hike.. . Above Lake Bled on steep cliff standing B
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/lake-bled-slovenia-winter.html Lake Bled Slovenia in winter time Lake Bled is in Christmas season especially charming place. It is full of positive energy of surprises and positive expectat
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/lake-maggiore-holidays.html Lake Maggiore holidays You will remeber your holidays in Lake Maggiore - Italy as possibly best known Borromean Islands, anchored majestically off 
http://www.hikenow.net/France/Arinella-beach-corsica.html L'Arinella beach Bastia - Corsica holidays A better idea than town beach of Bastia is visit of the long beach of L'Arinella. It is about one kilometre to the south of 
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/Lefkas-hotels.html Lefkas accommodation - Greece Lefkada island is the perfect vacation destination for those who enjoy in watersports.Tourists who likes confortable accommo
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/Lefkas-Greece.html Lefkas travel - Greece Vacation on Lefkada island Lefkada island is the perfect vacation destination for those who enjoy in watersports. Tourists who travel to Lefkas will be
http://www.hikenow.net/LeonardCohenLyrics.html Leonard Cohen - Lyrics For fans of Leonard Cohen - Lyrics
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/jezersko-loibl-pass-cycling.html Loiblpass - Jezersko pass by cycle We started cycle tour Loibl pass - Jezersko pass in the town of Preddvor, which is also known by its small lake and the cast
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/LosinjIsland-PuntaHotel.html Losinj Croatia Veli Losinj is located in a narrow bay on the southeastern side of the island of Losinj Croatia. The high houses around the 
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/CroatiaIslands-Losinj.html Losinj Island - Croatia coast The sun in the island Losinj - Croatia is even in October month very nice, warm and also suitable for all kind's of cycling 
http://www.hikenow.net/LousiosGorgeTrip.html Lousios gorge Monasteries - Greece tourism Lousios gorge is a another valley in Greece we wanted to visit after hiking through Vikos Gorge. When we were looking map of
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Madrid.html Madrid tourist information For some, it is quite important to be situated about the hustle and bustle of the Madrid city, while others don't mind a qui
http://www.hikenow.net/Mojstrovka.html Mala Mojstrovka mount Mt. Mala Mojstrovka show us two faces. From south leads path thrue gentle slopes with widely extended scree and from north e
http://www.hikenow.net/GreeceAlb.html Map of ancient Greece The sea cuts very deeply into the land of Greece an form an extremely long coastline. With islands excluded, the coast is ab
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/MapOfBarcelona.html Map of Barcelona - Spain From airport you can reach Barcelona with Aerobus which depart every 15 minutes. The aerobus service is a shuttle bus servic
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Blanes-Spain-CostaBrava.html Map of Costa Brava - Blanes Spain Costa Brava on south begins in Blanes - see the map. A large tourists town with a fishing port has a 3 km long beach. The Wi
http://www.hikenow.net/MapOfCrete.html Map of Crete - Greece Enlarge this tourist map of Crete explore Crete and find your beach. You can find dream beaches especially on the most east 
http://www.hikenow.net/Map-of-Sicily.html Map of Sicily Map of Italy show us that Sicily is a part of Italy. it is the largest island of the Mediterarranean. From the Italian penni
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/WhereIsSriLanka.html Map of Sri Lanka The average age of inhabitants of Sri Lanka is 30 years old, the quarter of people are younger than 14 years.
http://www.hikenow.net/Map-of-Venice.html Map of Venice On the approach to Venice both road and railway pass first through the industrial complex of Mestre before crossing the caus
http://www.hikenow.net/ItalyAlb.html Maps and hikes of Italy See your hike maps or books and choose hiking through italian cultral and historical cities or enjoy coastal southern cities
http://www.hikenow.net/France/marina-bech-porto-corsica.html Marina beach in town of Porto - Corsica holidays The coastline around Porto has several attractive beaches. First beach is town beach close the Marina of Porto. If you are t
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/MarinaDi-Gairo.html Marina di Gairo Ogliastra - vacation in Sardinia Marina di Gairo itself is a little hidden village, positioned on the east coast of Sardinia. The village is surrounded by so
http://www.hikenow.net/Marsala-Wine.html Marsala wine A certain merchant by the name of John Woodhouse disembarked and went into town to sample the Marsala wine in one of the hum
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Croatia-Tourism-Zadar-Medieval.html Medieval Zadar - Croatia tourism Location of old town of Zadar on a natural peninsula facilitated the development of an excellent, big harbour in the deep ba
http://www.hikenow.net/MeteoraAlb.html Meteora Greece - travel to monastery Between heaven and earth. Meteora Greece is a very strange area and rock formations. The granite rocks of Meteora soar like 
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/milan-sightseeing.html Milan sightseeing - Italy Milan is full of sightseeings which are worth of visit. The famous cathedral Duomo di Milano played important role at creati
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/Millstatt-Austria.html Millstatt Austria You can start your 30 km long bike trip around Lake Millstatt Austria at Dobriach village. If you dont have your own bike yo
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece-tourism-Monemvasia.html Monemvasia Greece - tourism On the southern coast of the Peloponnese peninsula - Greece, looking onto the Mirtoo sea, stands the former Byzantine-Veneti
http://www.hikenow.net/ZermulaAlb.html Monte Zermula Italy The configuration of Zermula seems like oblongness crest. His southern slopes are grassy and steep falling to Canale d Incar
http://www.hikenow.net/Mount-Olympus.html Mount Olympus Greece Trip descriptin of ascent on Mount Olyimpus. The origin of the trip is a coast under Mont Olympus.There on the coast are man
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/mozart-balls.html Mozart balls and day trip in Salzburg Austria After a sweet break, turn to the main street of the Salzburg city, where you can visit Mozart house. Are you tired? Take a b
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/mozart-chocolates.html Mozart chocolates, Mozart candy in Salzburg Austria The story of Mozart chocolates kugel begins with Salzburg's entrepreneur Paul Furst. Salzburg Master Pastry began producing 
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/marzipan-candy-mozart-salzburg.html Mozart marzipan candy - a day trip in Salzburg Austria Here is one version of a famous candy that originated in Austria and is modelled after the Mozartkugeln chocolate marzipan t
http://www.hikenow.net/Sicilian-Volcano-Etna.html mt Etna volcano - Sicily From Zafferana Etnea two beutiful roads wind their way up to Rifugio Sapienza at 1910 m. Here is the starting point to mt Et
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/HikeMtMulhacenSierraNevada.html Mulhacen - Sierra Nevada We arrived the first of three villages nestled against the steep slopes of the Pampaneira valley. The first village gave the
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/MapOfSierraNevada.html Mulhacen map - Map of Sierra Nevada For your hike to Mulhacen Sierra nevada you need map. Start your trip at Bubion, Capileira and Pampaneira villages; like mos
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Murales-Orgosolo.html Murales Orgosolo - explore murales in Sardinia Orgosolo Sardinia adorned with more than 150 paintings. They are known far and wide especially after a sharp political messa
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece-tourism-Mycenae.html Mycenae Greece North of Nafplio lies the ancient fortified city of Mycenae Greece. The fortress is entered through the Lion Gate, named aft
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece-tourism-Nafplio.html Nauplion, Nafplio Greece travel Nafplio or Nauplion is an ideal base for exploring the ancient sites of the noth-east Peloponese. Considered by many as one 
http://www.hikenow.net/France/cap-corse-nonza-beach-corsica.html Nonza beach - Dark beach of Cap Corse - Corsica Nonza Corsica, a small village about 18 km from St Florent is positioned on a high cliff overlooking to a long black beach.
http://www.hikenow.net/Map-of-Croatia-NoviGrad.html Novigrad Croatia - map In high season when the heating exceeded 30 degrees or more, the walking thrue old part of Novigrad Croatia offer great real
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/SuNuraxi-Barumini.html Nuraghe - Visit of Su Nuraxi in Barumini Sardinia Archaeological area of Barumini - Su Nuraxi consists a monumental quadrilobate complex dated back to the 15th century BC. an
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Nuraghe-Losa-Sardinia.html Nuraghe Losa - archeological park Sardinia The trilobate bastion of Losa nuraghe still stands to a height of about thirteen metres. It stands in a short distance from 
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Croatia-Tourism-Zadar.html Organ Zadar - Croatia tourism Sea organ is Zadar's best features, which emanate from the city's busy ferry port and other points on its open-air stage.
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicassoMuseuBarcelona.html Pablo Picasso paintings - Museum Barcelona Picasso museum Barcelona collections contain key works that mark the various early times when Pablo Picasso was most intense
http://www.hikenow.net/NovaljaPagCroatia.html Pag Croatia - Bicycling for over Pag - Croatia Early in the morning we start our bicycle trip through Pag Island - Croatia. Folowing the road signs from Novalja towards Lu
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Croatia-Tourism-Pag-Mandre.html Pag Mandre - Croatia Now we finaly arrive to settlement Mandre - Pag island. At glance the settlement looks like a tipycal touristic place. The b
http://www.hikenow.net/France/palombaggia-corsica.html Palombaggia Corsica - Holidays on beach The 10 km long sandy beach of Palombaggia Corsica, winds along the southern Coast Corsica along.The best period of the year 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Spain-tourism-paradors.html Parador hotel - Spain tourism The idea of converting historic buildings into state run hotels - paradors, dates back to 1926 when King Alfonso XIII gave h
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Tourist-Spain-CostaBravaCapDeCreus.html Park natural - Cap de Creus Spain The area around Cap de Creus is known by very small ecological pollution, it has a beautiful underwater world and is also kn
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/SriLankaPark.html Park Sri Lanka - wild life of Sri Lanka The trip into national park Yala - Sri Lanka, which lies north west from sacred town of Kataragama, is definitely tourist's 
http://www.hikenow.net/Trogkofel-CretaDiAip.html Passo Pramollo - climb to Mount Trogkofel - Creta di Aip Creta di Aip (Trogkofel, Veliki Koritnik) is the highest summit of the eastern part of the Carnic Alps. Its north face with 
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/patras-greece.html Patras - Greece The town of Patras is an important harbour which links on the one hand Peloponnese - Greece with Italian harbours and on the
http://www.hikenow.net/UAE/pearles-from-UAE.html Pearling in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates Pearling was an economic activity for the UAE and other gulf states and also a key element of heritage. Many families of Emi
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/Peloponnese-Hotels.html Peloponnese hotels Summer is here and is brimming with color. Enjoy it on Peloponnese to the max. The only thing you need is a great mood in a 
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/PeradeniyaGarden.html Peradeniya garden - Kandy Sri Lanka When you travel through Kandy - Sri Lanka, exploring city and nature do not miss Peradeniya botanical garden and don't forge
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfMulhacen.html Pictures from Mulhacen trip You can drive with car from Capileira up to the entrance of Sierra Nevada National Park where you have to leave the car (bar
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfBarcelona.html Pictures of Barcelona - Spain Barcelona is one of Spains most cosmopolitan city. Clubs, Restaurants, bars are always full, as is the seaside in summertime
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfCadiz.html Pictures of Cadiz Practically every street in the city of Cadiz is packed with bars, cafes and restaurants. The liveliest places in the centre
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfGibraltar.html Pictures of Gibraltar Pictures from my trip to Gibraltar. The geographical situation of Gibraltar, between Europe and Africa and between the Medit
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfGranada.html Pictures of Granada The begining of itenerary starts in Albaycin - the old quarter is a network of streets and squares from where we have view o
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfGuadix.html Pictures of Guadix The interesting pictures of Guadix area where almost half of the inhabitants live in cave homes. But today the cave houses a
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfLaCalahorra.html Pictures of La Calahora castle An important monument in the region of guadix y Marquesado del Zenete is the Castle of La Calahorra, which was built at the 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfPurullena.html Pictures of Purullena Our first day in area of Granada we spent in Purullena village and town of Guadix, The unique landscape of Purullena with ca
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfSanlucar.html Pictures of Sanlucar From Sanlucar you can take a Guadalquivir course which takes it through two of Spain cities Córdoba and Sevilla. Colu
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfTarifa.html Pictures of Tarifa There are several spots in and around Tarifa that are great for surfing. Being on the Atlantic coast can bring in some nice 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfTrafalgarBeach.html Pictures of Trafalgar beach Marisucia is a small beach situated near Trafalgar Lighthouse. In the surroundings you can find pine woods and a large sand 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/PicturesOfVejerDeLaFrontera.html Pictures of Vejer de la Frontera The town of Vejer de la Frontera is constructed over many levels and steep climbs. This position also gives Vejer a number o
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/PinnawalaElephants.html Pinnawala and elephants - Sri Lanka The youngest elephants played in mud of Pinnawala orphanage. Five of them throng for little piece of stone. When they got ti
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/SriLankaTsunami.html Plan your travel to Sri Lanka Tsunami has on 26th of December 2004 stroke altogether twelve countries, among Indonesia also Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Ma
http://www.hikenow.net/France/pointe-de-la-parata-corsica.html Pointe de la Parata and surrounding beaches - Corsica holidays All beaches (Sevani beach, Rose beach and Capo di Feno beach) are a bit exposed so it has good conditions for surfing. You s
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/polonnaruwa-sri-lanka.html Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka Polonnaruwa is ancient city close the Dambula town. The mediaeval capital of Sri Lanka lies about 210 km south east of Anura
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/Pompeii-Hotels.html Pompeii hotels Accommodation on Amalfi coast is an ideal place for a romantic or relaxing stay, a step away from the beach and few minutes 
http://www.hikenow.net/Pompeii-Italy.html Pompeii Italy Historical town Pompeii have been flourished between year 700 BC and year 79, when eruption of Vezuv volcano coverd it with 
http://www.hikenow.net/AncientPompeii.html Pompeii Italy travel to Ancient Pompeii As starting point and accommodation place of Pompeii travel we had chosen small family hotel in Praiano town. We took a shor
http://www.hikenow.net/Map-of-Croatia-Porec.html Porec Croatia - most visited resort in Istria The city of Porec dominates the area from Tarski Bay on the north to Limska cove to the south of the western coast of Istria
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/PortoCervo-Sardinia.html Porto Cervo Sardinia - Luxury Holidays to Porto Cervo Porto Cervo inspired not only by the beauty of Costa Smeralda, but also with arrangement of the city. The village has been d
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Porto-Conte-Mugoni.html Porto Conte - Mugoni beach Mugoni beach lie in Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia. It is one of the most loved beach of all the Riviera del Corallo
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/porto-katsiki-lefkas.html Porto Katsiki Lefkas - Greece Lefkas Island has some fine beaches, and attractive offshore islets. The most popular beach on Lefkada is Porto Katsiki with
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/PositanoVacation.html Positano vacation - Amalfi coast Italy After the first few hundred curves of Amalfi road, here is the first station to the Positano vacation. Picturesque Positano,
http://www.hikenow.net/France/Propriano-corsica.html Propriano - Holidays in Corsica We went to Propriano as last area on our discovering of south Corsica. Propriano is located in the middle of Gulf of Valinco
http://www.hikenow.net/Map-of-Croatia-Pula.html Pula Croatia tourism - Pola The city Pula (Pola) is situated at the head of a well indented and deep bay which, had given it the inmportant role of bein
http://www.hikenow.net/Pylos.html Pylos Greece We enjoy the best view to the town of Pylos. The houses with their tile roofs seems to stretch down into the sea, the fortif
http://www.hikenow.net/QuickCrete.html Quick Crete - Greece On your quick tour to Crete visit some great sights. Gortyn was an important ancient Greek city from the hellenic period. Th
http://www.hikenow.net/France/restonica-gorge-corsica.html Restonica gorge Corsica - Hiking tour Restonica is actually the name of a gorge with homonymous river. Here is place where you have to leave your car on parking p
http://www.hikenow.net/France/roccapina-corsica.html Roccapina beach Corsica - Holidays on beach Gentle, fine sand and transparent shallow turquoise sea sheltered by rocks at either end thats beach of Roccapina Corsica. T
http://www.hikenow.net/France/rondinara-camp-beach-corsica.html Rondinara Corsica - Holidays in Corsica Imagine rounded seaside with fine sand, turquoise waters, surrounded with reddish rocks.. well that's Rondinara beach. Just 
http://www.hikenow.net/RovinjPulaBike.html Rovinj - Pula cycling near Istrian coast I meald burek together with sea gull and enjoy view on a harbour of Rovinj. My slow morning proceed with easy cycling thrue 
http://www.hikenow.net/Map-of-Croatia-Rovinj.html Rovinj Croatia In Rovinj you will immediately be struck by the tranquil atmosphere and you cannot leave the city without having walked down
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/LaFamiliaSagradaBarcelona.html Sagrada familia Barcelona The church of Sagrada Familia Barcelona with derriks in background looks like giant, futuristic and in some way interesting 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SalvadorDaliJewels.html Salvador Dali Art - Jewels By Dali: In jewels, as in all my art, I create what I love. In some you will note an architectonic sense as you will in cert
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SalvadorDaliCadaques.html Salvador Dali House - Cadaques Spain - Salvador Dalis home - Port Lligat The most interesting thing about Dalis home in Cadaques is that how normal it is. The only exeption is the giant polar bear 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SalvadorDaliPaintings.html Salvador Dali paintings Salvador Dali experienced his highest point of painting career as surrealistic artist in years 1926 to 1938, but than his ar
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/salzburg-sights.html Salzburg sights and attractions Our first sightseeing spot in Salzburg was at the mansion Hellbrunn. It was built around 400 years ago by bishop Markus Sitt
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/SanTeodoro-Sardegna.html San Teodoro Sardegna - Sardinia San Teodoro is a part of the coast known as Costa Smeralda. It is a pleasing small town built a few hundred metres from the 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SanlucarSpanish-Sherry.html Sanlucar - Spanish sherry Sanlucar is a small fishing village and exact leaving point of Magellans's and Columbus voyages and adventures of discovery.
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/SardiniaHolidays-CostaVerde.html Sardinia holidays - Costa Verde Above the coast of Piscinas ascend the mountainous region of Arburese which separate Costa Verde from the rest of the island
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/SardiniaHolidays-Solanas.html Sardinia holidays - Solanas and Villasimius The village of Solanas is inhabit all year round. It is clearly visible from from scenic road that leads from Cagliari to Vi
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Sardinia-map.html Sardinia map The network of roads in Sardinia is pretty well regulated. The journey from one place to another could be easy with Sardinia
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Sardinia-Travel-Oristano.html Sardinia Travel - Oristano In the seson the coast near Torregrande is lively thanks to its fine Lungomare, a summer promenade attracting thousands of t
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/SardiniaTravel-Sinis.html Sardinia Travel - Sinis peninsula The Sinis Peninsula is a protected marine area on the western coast of Sardinia. The area consists of several excellent beac
http://www.hikenow.net/Map-of-Slovenia-Portoroz.html Secovlje saltpans - Slovenia Only five kilometer from the hotel resort of Portorose you can find peacefull place - Secovlje salt-pans. Morning or evening
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/Sicily-holidays-Segesta-temple.html Segesta tempio - Sicily holidays trip to Segesta temple One day of Sicily holiday was planed for trip Segesta temple. Starting early in the morning we drove in direction of Trapani
http://www.hikenow.net/AncientSelinunte.html Selinunte Sicily - Italy Selinunte is located on a Sicily coast. You can combine Sicily holidays with visit of archeological park, sunbathe and swimi
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SevilleEvents.html Seville fiestas and flamenco City of Seville in Spain is great for discovering new and exciting things. One of those things are defenetly unique Sevillea
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SevilleTourism.html Seville Tourism - Spain Tourism in Seville offers you lovely walks around Seville - the old Jewish quarter of Santa Cruz, full of tapas bars, pictur
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Upwards-Barcelona.html Short visit of Barcelona - Spain If you only had a few hours to visit Barcelona, you should spend them walking along Las Ramblas - the most famous street in 
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/SicilyVacation.html Siciliy vacation - Italy Start your vacation with two days stay in Palermo, Monreale and Cefalu. Palermo is an excellent base for exploring some of t
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/Sicily-holidays-Alcantara.html Sicily attractions: Alcantara gorge Your holidays in Sicily you can start in the seaside town of Taormina.. The town is a great starting point for exploring mt 
http://www.hikenow.net/EracleaMinoa.html Sicily Holidays - Eraclea Minoa This secret place - Eraclea Minoa is 30 km faraway from Agrigento, near Capo Bianco hill. The area of Platani and Capo Bianc
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/WeatherMulhacenSierraNevada.html Sierra Nevada and Mulhacen weather Besides covered in white snow and being a huge ski resort, Sierra Nevada has very mild climate and the cold isent too harsh.
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/AlpujarraTravelSierraNevada.html Sierra Nevada Spain The towns and villages below Sierra Nevada mountain are in the heart of nature, maintaining their traditions with the advant
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/Sifnos-Greece.html Sifnos Greece Sifnos - the island of Apollo god - white, cube-shaped houses, paved alleys, with limy hinges, hospitable courts with white 
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/sifnos-island.html Sifnos Island - Greece Sifnos Island has many inspired hotels situated close the beaches. Cycladic hotels of Sifnos Island are minimalist in design
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/sightseeing-graz.html Sightseeing Graz - Attractions of Graz - Austria The medieval touch of narrow streets, many green plots, harmony of old and new, relaxed atmosphere and spacious view from Sc
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/sigiriya-sri-lanka.html Sigiriya Sri Lanka Few kilometres from Dambullah in the middle of the forest and lakes is postioned impresive rock named Sigiriya - Lions rock.
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/turracherhoehe-ski.html Ski resort Austria - Turracherhoehe Austria - Turacher In the winter time is Turracher Hohe visitation spot of many skiers and skating lovers. Ski resort strech on the slopes at a
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/Skiathos-Beaches.html Skiathos beaches - Greece Charming landscapes, pine trees descending to the sea, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters set the uniqe location, on the
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/Skiathos-Holidays.html Skiathos holidays - Greece Holidays to Skiathos island and paradise with emerald blue waters, pine and olive trees. Quaint hamlets and beautiful beache
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/slovenia-cycling-kranjska-gora.html Slovenia cycling - Kranjska Gora Slovenia The cycling tour begins in Kranjska Gora - Slovenia continue throug Italy, pass mountain pass and takes return through Austr
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/istria-slovenia-cycling.html Slovenia Cycling: Trieste - Slovenian littoral to Croatia medeival town of Oprtalj Cycling in Slovenian littoral is possible due to the mild climate all year round. Mountainous of Slovenian Littoral and good
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/slovenia-cycling-trieste-kozina-railway.html Slovenia Cycling: trip through former railway: Trieste - Klanec - Trieste Circular cycling bike trip Trieste - Kozina - Trieste is the ideal trip for the autumn period, when the days are short. Clos
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Fordongianus-therme.html Spa therme - Fordongianus Sardinia Fordongianus is a small town on the river Tirso situated 26 km from Oristano. On the right side of river Tirso today stay th
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SpainWeather.html Spain climate However, the weather isn't everything and maybe you're coming to Spain for a particular event. There are also many sports ev
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/SpainFiesta.html Spanish festivals - fiestas Every single city, town and village in the country celebrates its own unique fiesta and it's the smaller, local festivals th
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/split-to-hvar.html Split to Hvar The easiest and fastest is transfer from Split airport to the city of Split and then by ferry or catamarans to the island. N
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/SriLankaClimate.html Sri Lanka climate Because of closeness of the Equator Sri Lanka has very tropical environment. There is no obvious frontiers between seasons. 
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/sri-lanka-nuwara-eliya-tea-plantations.html Sri Lanka Nuwara Eliya, Tea plantations Sri Lanka Today Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka is the main hill resort and the center of the tea industry in Sri Lanka. The town is positioned
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/SriLankaToday.html Sri Lanka today The people of Sri Lanka are mainly Buddhists and they think, what you can't do in this life, you will do in next one. That's
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Stintino-La-Pelosa.html Stintino - Cyan color of La Pelosa beach Stintino's beach La Pelosa is a great family beach with shallowness cyan color and transparencies sea. The color of the sea 
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Stintino-Le-Saline.html Stintino - Le Saline beach The Beach of Le Saline is far about 2-3 kilometres from Stintino . Bus stop about 200 mt. from the beach, to reach it we cro
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/Strunjan-Slovenia.html Strunjan Slovenia The coast of Strunjan Slovenia isthmus is the area known for its distinctive scenery and cultural heritage. The Peninsulas n
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Porto-Ferro-Beach.html Sunbathing on Porto Ferro beach The beach is two kilometer long sand beach wich colours varies from ocra to orange. Behind the beach Porto Ferro in directio
http://www.hikenow.net/Syracuse-Italy.html Syracuse Italy The city of Syracuse Italy, especially the part on the island of Ortygia is marked by its clean, white buildings, the beatuy
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Tourist-Spain-CostaBravaTamariu.html Tamariu Costa Brava Spain - Map of Costa Brava Almost the whole reigon of Costa Brava is well known for ist huge tourist resorts. Along the north coast of the Costa Brava 
http://www.hikenow.net/Taormina-Sicily.html Taormina travel Taormina, one of the best known and most popular towns in Sicily has been long known to be one of Sicily's most beautiful..
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/AndalusiaTravelTarifa.html Tarifa surf Those looking to combine elegance with activities will be happy to know that Tarifa - Spain is one of the surf meccas of Spa
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/Temple-of-tooth-Kandy.html Temple of Tooth of Buddha - Kandy One of three Buddha teeth hold in Kandy - Sri Lanka. Each year in Kandy organize a major summer festival the annual Kandy Pe
http://www.hikenow.net/Map-of-Slovenia-Piran.html Tourism Piran - Slovenia Piran is a historic walled town on the Istrian coast of Slovenia. Below its dominating cathedral with its Venice-like campan
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/TrafalgarBeachSpain.html Trafalgar beach - Spain Beach Castillejos at Canos de Meca is probably one of the best known of the whole area, next to the Pirate's Beach, Playa de
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/TrapaniSicily.html Trapani Sicily Province of Trapani Sicily is a typical landscape illustration of paradise on earth. Here is soil very fertile and cultivate
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/VisitSriLanka.html Travel advice Sri Lanka When you travel to Sri Lanka it is good to know that there is different style of life. Lanka is a country which is at least 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain-tourism.html Travel in Spain Spain is bounded on the north by the Cantabrican coast - the Atlantic Ocean's Bay of Biscay, and by a border the Pyrenees Mo
http://www.hikenow.net/Greece/Kalamata-Greece.html Travel to Kalamata - Greece The prefecture of Messinia is located in the south west of Peloponesse region of Greece.Its capital is the town of Kalamata.
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Holidays-Sardinia-Bosa.html Travel to Sardinia - Bosa Bosa Marina with beach and tourist facilities is in some way the extension of the town. With their long sandy beach Bosa Mar
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Costa-Verde.html Travel to Sardinia - Costa Verde The approximately 47 kilometers long coastline of Costa Verde bounded on the north by the Capo Frasca" and in the south by "
http://www.hikenow.net/BledOsoAlb.html Trip round Lake Bled - View from Osojnica Take a great foto of Lake Bled Slovenia - it is a little secreet, suggestion and recommendation for trip: ascent on the hill
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Capo-Caccia-trip.html Trip to Capo Caccia The area around Capo Caccia is very interested for divers. There are about twenty dive sites where probably the most interes
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Castelsardo-Trip.html Trip to Castelsardo - Sardinia On the north side of Sardinia about 30 km far from Sassari one find medieval town Castelsardo. It is situated in Asinara Gul
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/turracherhoehe.html Turracherhoehe Austria - Turacher The area of Turracher hohe - Austria is very interesting for hikers in summer holidays. A hike around the lake and a short t
http://www.hikenow.net/UmagCroatia.html Umag - Resort on Adriatic coast The coast resort between Umag and Savudria is designed to accommodate families, sportmen and business travellers. The relaxi
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Valencia-tours.html Valencia sightseeing One of the biggest benefit of Valencia and its sightseeng is that everything is very close, easily reach on foot and at hand
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/AndalusiaTravelVejerDeLaFrontera.html Vejer De La Frontera beaches Very close to Vejer De La Frontera - only 15 minutes away by bus we can find the Atlantic coast, which offers you beautiful 
http://www.hikenow.net/Venice-History.html Venice history The Veneti, who by the 13th. Century had achieved so much in terms of social values, eight centuries previously were only ju
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/Vesuvius-Eruption.html Vesuvius eruption vulcano - Pompeii Today the modern research shows that the next erupting of the volcano Vesuvius can be much worse..
http://www.hikenow.net/WalkingVikosGorge.html Vikos Gorge walking - Greece tourism Here in mountains of Zagoria villages you can hike through the deepest gorge in the world in Vikos-Aoos National Park, wande
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/VillageSardinia-Villasimius.html Village Sardinia - Villasimius Finally after an hour drive we arrived in emerald green lagoon before Villasimius village just below the Cape Carbonara in S
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/GranadaAlbaicin.html Visit Granada - Albaycin It's recomended to spend at least half a day to visit Alhambra because of many many interesting buildings, rooms, gardens, a
http://www.hikenow.net/Salzburg-Austria.html Visit Salzburg Austria Stroll comfortably through the little alleys of Salzburg, slowly take in the splendour of the magnificent buildings or visit
http://www.hikenow.net/RokaviAlb.html Visoki Rokav - Climbing in Julian Alps The ridge of Rokavi are situated in the centre of east Julian Alps. From bivouac II. we must go to the west, towards Rokavi 
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/Vrsic-Pass.html Vrsic Pass - Slovenia The road to Vrsic pass offers you great view to the Julian mountain. The famous winding road to the 1,611 m-high Vrsic mount
http://www.hikenow.net/WaterfallNearSoca.html Waterfal Slovenia - Brinta and Gregorcic waterfall Your holidays in area of Tolmin Slovenia will be attractive with visits of nearby footpaths to the Kamno, Gregorcic and Brin
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/WeatherBlanesSpain.html Weather Blanes Spain Like everywhere in Costa Brava high season in Blanes also gets very busy. Because Blanes is an coastal town its climate and 
http://www.hikenow.net/Lake-Bled-Weather.html Weather Bled The Lake Bled is some 30 metres deep and measures about 2 km by 1 km. Even though it freezes over winter, Lake Bled is very 
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/Weather-Salzburg.html Weather forecast Salzburg - Austria Salzburg is buzzing twelve months a year and there's not really a best time at which to come. For you and your trip is impor
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/WeatherGibraltar.html Weather Gibraltar 10 day In summer the temperatures moves around 30°C. If you are travelling to Gibraltar during winter months pack for air tempe
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/WeatherGranadaSpain.html Weather Granada Spain Granada Spain has a continental Mediterranean climate with sunny weather and hot summer and with rain concentratead between 
http://www.hikenow.net/WeatherAmalfiAlb.html Weather in Amalfi coat In May the average daytime temperature in Amalfi is a 20┬░C (69┬░F), while the average night-time temperature is a cool 12┬░
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/WeatherInCadizSpain.html Weather in Cadiz Spain Cadiz city has got due to its geographical location a Mediterranean climate near to southern European Atlantic Ocean. The av
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Weather-In-Croatia.html Weather in Croatia The line of Croatia coast with islands, which encloses some of the most dramatic landscape, has a pleasant Mediterranean cli
http://www.hikenow.net/Weather-in-Pompeii.html Weather in Pompeii Italy is at its best in spring (April-May) and autumn (October-November). During these seasons, the scenery is beautiful, th
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/WeatherSanlucarDeBarrameda.html Weather in Sanlucar de Barrameda The influence of Atlantic Ocean is very important of the whole Sanlucar region, because the Atlantic supplys very dry Andalu
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Weather-Sardinia.html Weather in Sardinia Summer in Sardinia last from May to September, with many summery days in April and October . It is never too hot in July or 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/WeatherTarifaSpain.html Weather in Tarifa Spain If you walk through the old town centre of Tarifa without prejudices or definite expectations,you will discover much hidden 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/Weather-Valencia-Spain.html Weather in Valencia Spain Valencia has very mild Mediterranean climate, it lies on the Mediterranean Sea. In summer months Valencia has pretty high hu
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/WeatherVejerDeLaFrontera.html Weather in Vejer The warm climate in Vejer means that Andalucians love a cold beer as much as a glass of wine but the quintessential drink is
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/Weather-Piran.html Weather Piran - Slovenia Best weather in Piran and time to visit is during summer months June, july and August. If you want to avoid crowds of touris
http://www.hikenow.net/Italy/Weather-Sicily-Taormina.html Weather Taormina - Sicily The characteristics of weather in Taormina depends of the Sicilian climate which is markedly Mediterranean along the coast, 
http://www.hikenow.net/Austria/webcam-bad-kleinkirchheim.html Webcam Bad Kleinkirchheim Beautiful views to Bad Kleinkirchheim and surrounding are promised when reaching the mountain top areas in the Nock Mountain
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/WeekendPortoroz.html Weekend holiday in Portoroz The most impresive in Portoroze now is a renewed Palace hotel known as Kempinski Palace hotel. The old Palace hotel was buil
http://www.hikenow.net/France/where-is-corsica.html Where is Corsica Corsica is a some kinde of paradise for sunbathers. The of island mesure about 1000 km (600 ++ miles) and offer sunny condit
http://www.hikenow.net/UAE/where-is-dubai.html Where is Dubai - United Arab Emirates Where is Dubai? United Arab Emirates, or UAE in short, are with the oil-rich coastal desert country in the southeast of the 
http://www.hikenow.net/Spain/GranadaMap.html Where is Granada - map Where is Granada in Spain? Granada is conveniently linked by motorway to Madrid (420 km), Barcelona (850 km) and San Sebasti
http://www.hikenow.net/Slovenia/WhereIs-Portoroz.html Where is Portoroz - Slovenia Portoroz is easily accessible by car. The resort of Portoroz lieas about 30 km from Italy and 10 km from Croatia border.
http://www.hikenow.net/Sardinia/Where-Is-Sardinia.html Where is Sardinia Sardinia's beaches are realy beaches with big B. It is not beaches only for jet setters and their yachts, there are miles an
http://www.hikenow.net/SriLanka/yala-safari-sri-lanka.html Yala safari, Yala national park of Sri Lanka Safari to Yala national park begins in the morning. Block one is preferd area for visitors because it has high densities of 
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Croatia-Tourism-Zadar-town-Quay.html Zadar new town quay - Croatia tourism ..the new town quay of town of Zadar was built, as a fashionable promenade with eighteen residential and public palaces.
http://www.hikenow.net/Croatia/Croatia-Tourism-Zadar-Mediaeval-Wells.html Zadar sightseeing - five wels The sites which is worth of sightseeing in Zadar is five wels square. During the construction of the bastion, on the locatio