Sparkling blue Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled Slovenia resort

Bled is a great resort town. It wraps around the beautiful Lake Bled, used by boaters, bathers, walkers in the summer and with skaters in the winter. Above Lake Bled on steep cliff standing Bled Castle. Enjoy the majestic backdrop formed by the jaggedsummits of the Julian Alps, including Triglav, the country’s highest mountain. Though the landscapes are awe-inspiring, our walks are relaxed and accessible to all of average fitness, with some delightful routes linking old villages where you will see traditional hayracks and colourful beehives and a pace of life that has hardly changed for centuries..

Lake Bled Slovenia, sparkling blue lake underneath of snow capped Alps

How to reach Lake Bled Slovenia

A castle on the cliff, sparkling blue lake underneath, snow capped alps in the background: that's Lake Bled Slovenia. Lake Bled is just 30 km away from Ljubljana airport. From the Airport Ljubljana, take the highway towards Austria and Italy. At Lesce, turn left in direction Bled town. Bled by car is about 40 minutes away, from Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia and about 50 km from borders with Austria and Italy . From Austria or Italy see also road map of Slovenia and take the exit at Lesce town. Your accommodations are located on the picturesque shore of Lake Bled or in nearby ..

Trip to Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled Trip

Lake Bled landscape is well known and immediately recognisable by many. Take a short trip around Lake Bled through the 6 kilometres long path. It is well maintained and leads us along an asphalt road, macadam and wooden footbridge above the lake water. Everywhere along the path are benches were you can rest, enjoy the nature, watch swans, ducks and other animals in the lake..

Tributaries of Lake Bled

Tributaries of Lake Bled

Lake Bled has no larger natural tributaries. There are only a few streams where the largest is the Misca stream in Zaka.

Enjoy the view from the castle of Lake Bled Slovenia

Enjoy the view from the castle of Lake Bled

The history of the castle reaches back to 1004. The most interesting is the Gothic chapel on the upper coutyard. You can climb up to the castle through a steep uphill trek with easy steps. The out door cafe, offers great views of the lake below and uses part of the wall as your table. There is a lot to see within the castle walls, and at every corner there are fantastic views.

Lake Bled Castle - since 1004

Lake Bled Castle - since 1004

In 1004 the emperor Henrik II divided the lands between the two Sava rivers, and in 1011 awarded Bled Castle, to Bishop Albuin of Brixen - a photocopy of the original title deed can be found in the collection at the castle. This action was a major turning point in the history of Bled. .

Bled in the era of feudalism

Bled in the era of feudalism

At the end of the 10th and early 11th centuries, the time of the changes for the Bled territory began. After the defeat of the Hungarians, the fracture of their domination in the territory of the south of Carantania ended the pre-feudal era here and began the centuries long period of feudalism...

The Legend of Lake Bled

On the place where today stay Lake Bled, in the old days there was no water, but the valley in the middle of which stood a hill with a giant rock on top. In the clear nights at this rock the fairies gathering and dancing. In the green valley the sheeps also swallowed grass, which grew around the rock on the hill. One day the fairies were angry and threatened the shepherds: "If you do not enclose the rock on the top of the hill, your sheep will not let our grass overtake us, we will blocking it!" And so the angry villas called the water from the nearby mountains to the valley and plunged it. Only a hill with a rock protruded from the water. Thus, the villas fenced the hill and rock, where they danced smoothly in bright nights..

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Lake Bled - cruise with Pletna boat

The boatsman and coachmen in Bled were created from the needs of Bled's everyday life. Even today, although they become tourist attractions, their old role and significance have not completely gone to the past. Both activities are in a sense a Bled specialty. Today, both of them serve primarily transport of tourists to the island of Bled or for a pleasant trip around the lake and in the surrounding area..