With bike to fresh air

Cycling in Dolomites

Cycling in Dolomites Cycling

Cycle. Bikes can be usually be obtained for free without to much asking around, since buying bikes and then never riding them is fairly common practice in modern  culture.  Cycling is another great way to be fully present in your surroundings, while getting exercise, an endorphin hit, a tan, fresh air, find useful and not so useful things on the side of the road, opportunities to stop and pick fruit (and reach high up fruit by standing on your bike), and it’s so much fun!  Beat the traffic, avoid road rage, make new friends while waiting for the lights to change, and experience the satisfaction of getting around completely under your own power.  Forget waiting for a taxi, asking people for a lift, or missing the last bus home.  Go around the block or around the world.  Did I mention it’s really fun?  I’ve cycled around Austri, Italy and recently spent a month cycling Slovenia, camping in bushland and eating predominantly wild food that was growing along the roadsides.

 Tour  Km  Altitude  Houres  Date
Lj-Sostro-Jance-Lj  64  1255m  3:29  6.3.2015
 Radovljica-Lancovo-Posavec-Tržič-PodGorami-Begunje-Radovljica  40  490m  1:38  3.3.
 Radovljica-Jamnik-Dražgoše – Železniki and back  58  1344m  3:12  28.2.
 Radovljica-Posavec-Tržič-PodGorami-Begunje-Radovljica  33  433  1:19  26.2
 Secovlje-Oprtalj-Motovun-Visnjan-LimskiKanal-BaleVale-Vodnjan-Žminj-Pazin-Višnjan-Buje-Secovlje  210  2785  9:47  19.2
  Secovlje-Visnjan-LimskiKanal-BaleVale-Rovinj-LimskiKanal-Porec-NoviGrad-Secovlje  170 1981  7:41  28.1
 Secovlje-NoviGrad-Visnjan-Motovun-Oprtalj-Grožnjan-Buje-Secovlje  112  1611  5:36  19.1
 Valvasor  bellow Mt.Stol  12  656  1:30  26.12.2014