Sicily hotels and great places to visit there

Sicily hotels and great places to visit there

Among the best European places to visit we definitively have to consider Sicily. The actual Sicilian name of the region is Sicilia, this is a beautiful island and is also considered the largest one in the Mediterranean sea, it has over five million habitants and several small islands surround the main territory.

This island has been highly regarded in the past due to the fact that it formed part of important mediterranean trade routes and referred to as Magna Graecia (Ancient Greece). Ever since those times, Sicily as well as the entire Italian country have changed for instance, Italians were known by having large families but now they are now known for having the lowest birth rate, 20-30% of the population in Sicily is over 65 years old according to recent studies which obviously makes it a very calmed place to visit and one of the few European regions where the crime rate is very low.

Sicilian Foods:

There is literally no way to cover all of Sicily’s fine dishes but among some of the deserts and drinks you will find in this fantastic location we have to recommend Pasito and Zibibbo which are actually desert wines from this region. Also, Ricotta cheese is a must while you are in Sicily, this cheese is made of a combination of sheep and cow’s milk which needs to be cooked twice (hence the name). There are several variations of this cheese, there is sweet ricotta, dry ricotta and fresh ricotta; the texture and flavor of each one varies according to the way it is prepared in combination with traditional foods.

A good way to get a taste of what Sicily has to offer in terms of local cuisine is by visiting hotels which count with their own restaurants, the good thing about the service at these hotels is that you can even request to have your breakfast delivered to your room and enjoy it while still in bed

Great Places to Visit:

This is where things get complicated because of the many places to visit. If you are planning to visit Sicily you must first buy a good map of the place because there will be several places which will grab your attention, then gather some information about local Hotels located in cities such as Palermo, Taormina and Siracusa; this will allow you to visit the best places in the island and have a centric place to return to. Valle dei Tempi has an amazing group of Greek temples which date back to 400 BC. Villa at Casale is another place you will want to visit, it is located in Piazza Armerina and is best known for the unique paintings in it’s mosaic covered floors which are very well preserved.


Sicily is cold and humid during winter, and it can get really hot during summer; however spending some time during peak hours at the local hotels having your favorite Sicilian drink or eating lots of “gelato” will ease things a little. Gelato typically contains 7-8% fat, less than ice cream’s minimum of 10% which is why tourists love it. provides more information about Sicilian hotels located in Taormina, Siracusa and the famous Palermo. Visit us today to learn more about this beautiful island.

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