Halkidiki’s split personality

Halkidiki’s split personality

Halkidiki is located in northern Greece and is perhaps like no other resort you will ever come across. It is unusual in appearance being made up of three finger-like peninsulas that jut out into the Aegean Sea, and unusual in the fact that each peninsula has a very different personality. The vast sandy beaches, calm Aegean waters and inner natural beauty of this region have kept tourists coming back here year after year.

Halkidiki holidays are usually taken in the western of the three fingers; Kassandra. It is the most developed and busiest region and has superb beaches for working on the tan or trying out the fantastic water sports. The middle peninsula is Sithonia and is still naturally beautiful and much less developed than Kassandra. The landscape here is verdant and awash with fragrant pine forests and lavish olive groves. Beaches here are vast and sandy interspersed with small sandy coves and craggy inlets. Keen walkers often choose Sithonia for their Halkidiki holidays for its relaxed atmosphere, excellent nature trails and breathtaking scenery.

Finally, the eastern peninsula, Mount Athos is perhaps the most mystical part of the whole of Greece, as it is the only place that is dedicated solely to prayer and the worship of God. It is divided into twenty monastic states, and is self governed. Each state has its own monastery and each monastery has its own Superior, elected for life by the monks. Although land-linked it can only be reached by boat, visitors are limited and must obtain a visa in advance and females are totally forbidden from setting foot here. You can, however take a boat trip around the peninsula and see from afar this magical, mystical, corner of Greece.

Halkidiki holidays are perfect for families seeking fun in the sun with some wonderful beaches, captivating scenery and a stunning natural beauty. There is a fantastic water park in nearby Thessaloniki with fun for the whole family, choose from six pools including one for the youngsters, the crazy river, extreme slide, super slide and recently added Pirates Island. The best time of year to take Halkidiki holidays would be May to October when the weather is hot and sunny, temperatures can top 30°C during July and August and the heat at this time can get quite intense. Cheap Halkidiki holidays can often be found during early and late season when the weather is slightly cooler and the resorts a little quieter.

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