Debuts festive holiday for italian recipes

Debuts festive holiday for italian recipes

Dream Foods International, LLC (, a specialized importer of Sicilian, not-from-concentrate, citrus varietal juices, proudly announces its Holiday Drink Recipes that include the company’s organic Italian juices and Volcano Lemon Burst. All of these distinctive recipes take minutes to make and are a perfect complement to the joyous celebration of the holidays.

These original recipes are incredibly flavorful and contain only the best ingredients, combining freshness and rich antioxidants for superb punch, cider and mimosas. Our customers savor the recipes we conceive because they can set a holiday menu apart from the norm, said Adriana Kahane, CEO and Founder of Dream Foods International, LLC. The juices featured in these recipes are bold, colorful, organic and incredibly healthy. They reflect a wonderful combination of refreshment and superb taste, an imaginative pairing for this festive time of year.

Traditional Recipes that Combine Mediterranean Exoticism and Freshness

The Italian Volcano Juices and Volcano Lemon Burst at the heart of these recipes are bottled in an artisan factory, right near Sicily’s famed Mount Etna Volcano and are made with kosher, not-from-concentrate, organic citrus juices. Sicily’s citrus groves are world famous and are recognized by the European Union as a designated growing area. The area’s rich soil, constantly nourished by the Mt. Etna Volcano, provides ideal conditions for some of the world’s finest juices. Declared Operations Manager, Jason Miller.

Italian Volcano Blood Orange Holiday Punch

- 2 cups sugar
- 8 oz. cranberry juice
- 12 oz. Italian Volcano® Blood Orange Juice
- 8 oz. tea cloves
- 1/2 cup Volcano Lemon Burst

Light rum

What to Do: Mix in large punch bowl, garnish with favorite fruit slices. Volcano Lemon Burst Citrus Cider

- Allspice
- 6 cloves
- 3 oz. Volcano Lemon Burst
- 6 oz. Italian Volcano Blood Orange Juice
- 4 quarts apple cider
- 3 sticks cinnamon
- 1 cup brown sugar
- 1 teaspoon nutmeg

What to Do:

Tie the cloves and Allspice in cheesecloth and heat the mixture. Stir occasionally.

- Italian Volcano Blood Orange Mimosas
- 2 750-ml. bottles chilled sparkling white wine or champagne
- 3 cups chilled Italian Volcano Blood Orange Juice
- 2 tablespoons sugar
- 1 cup grenadine

What to Do:

In a pitcher gently stir together Mimosa ingredients.

About Dream Foods International, LLC

Dream Foods International, LLC distributes premium, shelf stable, not-from-concentrate, organic, kosher, glass-bottled juices under the Italian Volcano Brand. This line includes organic blood orange, tangerine and lemon juices from Sicily. They also sell the best tasting Volcano Lemon Burst and Volcano Lime Burst squeeze bottles. The juices are available nationally at natural and specialty retailers. Consumers can purchase Dream Foods International’s products at the website, searching under the brand name “Volcano,” or they can register on the company’s website at to receive recipes and help locating retailers in their area.