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Traveling around Sicily

Traveling around Sicily

Thisvideo clip was taken during my language study trip to Sicily in April/May 2007. Sicily was fabulous! Check out my 23 travel articles about my experience in Sicily at www.travelandtransitions.com 07. Also, my FREE travel ebooks containing stories from my trips to destinations such as Sicily, Havana, Mexico City, New York City, Chicago, Florida, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Halifax and many others are going up right now at www.travelandtransitions.com

This video was taken during my language study trip to Taormina in 2007. Sicily was absolutely awesome! This was an official travel writing assignment and you can read the detailed articles about my experience at this link: www.travelandtransitions.com I am also in the process of compiling all my travel stories into easy-to-ready FREE PDF ebooks. Have a peek at www.travelandtransitions.com

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