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Travel to Sicily instead of Greece

Travel to Sicily instead of Greece

There are excellent things to do in Greece. Many of those sites include the ever popular Athens, the diving in crisp blue waters, ancient Greek temples, and the famous beaches and islands.  Many people don’t bother to look it up Sicily and the tourist attractions because of the popular destinations in other parts of Italy.

While the temples in Greece are for the most part falling apart, Sicily has a few temples that are still fully intact.  They have done extensive restoration on a lot of temples and some are even still standing on their own.  The temple of Concordia in Agrigento is one of the most impressive temples you will ever see.  There are also other temples to see in the “Valley of the temples” in Agrigento. While the temples in Selinunte and Segeste have been reconstructed they both are a site to behold.

You will find some of the best Greek Theaters in Sicily as well.  In Taormina, you can find great mountainside views of Mount Etna and the coast.  On a side note you can visit Forza d’Agro, only half hours from Taormina, where part of the Godfather was filmed.  You can see one of the largest and most impressive Greek Amphitheaters built in Siracusa.  And in Selinunte they have a reconstructed temple and other ruins so large they will go beyond your imagination.

Since there are less travelers to Sicily the costs are also less than that of Greece.  Be sure to go during the slow season which is the early spring and fall to avoid the tourist season.  Many beach locations are still untouched and have not been developed yet.  The prices are also lower since its not a major global tourist destination yet.

Since there have been numerous ancient civilizations that have conqured city you are able to get more than just Greek history.  There are incredible Roman ruins, churches with Arab influence, and even sites from the Normans and the Byzantines. The next time you consider travelling to Greece consider Sicily.  You are able to see better temples, great Greek theaters, and there will be less travelers to get in your way.

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