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The Isola delle Femmine in Sicily

The Isola delle Femmine in Sicily

When You rent an apartment in Palermo – Sicily,  during Your stay in You’ll realize how beautiful and magic this region is. Isola delle Femmine (Island of the Females) –  (Isula in Sicilian) is a town of 7,296 inhabitants in the province of Palermo, part of the metropolitan area  of Palermo. The town owes its name to the little island just in front  that is called Island of the females. The name’s origin is uncertain: according to  the legend on the island arose in ancient times a women’s prison but archaeologists have found no remains of prisons.

The island of “Island of the Females” was considered since ancient tradition a place to be used for economic purposes and due to its defensive position and conformation, making it a safe shelter against winds from the east to all small boats. The island is, in fact, 300 meters from the coast and has an oval  shape due to erosion of the strong winds that blow in the area. On the island of Isle of females there were gulls, wild rabbits and mice.

The rabbits were made by the inhabitants on the island for Capaci for hunting them, but since the area became a nature reserve, hunting was no longer  possible and rabbits have proliferated, becoming a lot, surviving only by eating a plant special that only grows on the island. The Isola delle Femmine has  a Mediterranean climate, and then hot and dry in summer and with rain falling mainly in winter semester. In the colder months are not uncommon thunderstorms and windstorms, but temperatures never go below freezing.

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