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Bicycling for a long and health life

Influence of Bicycling to a health and lenght of  life

Dr. Cherkas from the Royal College in London studied the the factors that affecting the life length of identical twins. He investigated the 2400 identical twins and found that those who cycle or those who are physically active on the way that effort of exercises adequateness effort of 45 minutes cycling , live longer. Their biological age is nine years less than their non-active age twins.

At the same time physically active twins significantly less suffers from heart diseases, circulatory system, cancer and diabetes.
Yes, you read it right: one hour of bike riding three times a week is enough to significantly improve your wellbeing and health. Similar findings have come as other researchers. English association of heart disease has announced that it would be in Britain to prevent 10,000 heart attacks and fatal outcome, if people would be more fit. If you add this report to the findings of researchers from Purdue University in the U.S. which says that regular cycling reduce disease for a 50 percent, the answer has been  obvious: Cycling should be as soon as possible become a part of our everyday lives.