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Going to Opatija for 4 days

Business visit of tourist places are sometime tiresome. On the one hand, it is necessary to provide for business, on the other hand, look at people who enjoy their vacation. Nevertheless, we can sometimes exploit the opportunity to visit tourist attractions and useful thing combine a pleasant tourist stroling. Here is a short travel advice for northern Croatia with visit of Opatija town

Has anyone got a suggestions of must see/must do things and hotels and resorts. Also recommended dive sites? Bars? Hotels? You get my drift.

Opatija is a nice small town near Rijeka town, here you can find Map of Opatija region and some nice pictures of this old tourists resort.

It is good place but you should visit Pula or Rijeka tovns and Opatija is very close to the other Istria’s resort like Porec, Umag, Rovinj and Motovun. Istria is Crotian peninsula which towns are good connected.

Opatija hotels

Opatija is a town with the largest tourist reputation in Croatia, a city where the hotel with the longest tradition in Croatia, and probably the city with the most periphrasis and epithets in the world: St. Jacobi, Abbazia, old lady, first lady, Pearl of the Adriatic, Queen of Tourism, Queen of the Adriatic , rest of their lives … in addition, Opatija is a high professionalism in the tourism and superior accommodations, a city with the most outstanding hotels throughout the year in the Adriatic and the most wellness hotel.

The climate of Opatija

varies from Mediterranean along the Adriatic coast to continental inland. The sunny coastal areas have hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters.

The high coastal mountains help to shield the coast from cold northerly winds, making for an early spring and a late autumn.

May to September are the best months to visit Croatia weather-wise, though July and August can be busy along the Adriatic coast. September is probably the optimum month since by then the crowds have thinned out, off-season rates apply and fruits such as figs and grapes are abundant. In April and October it may be too cool for camping, but the weather is usually fine along the coast and private rooms are plentiful and inexpensive. You can swim in the sea from mid-June to late September.

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