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Moscow GUM – shoping in cathedral of luxury

In Moscow you should pay a visit there even if you dont feel like shopping. Its a great mirror of the changes Russia has been through. During the Communist era this huge department store, built in the late 19th century was reduced to a pitiful caricature of itself, a shop window of scarcity. Now once more its and opulent palace with boutiques, water fountains, the most luxurious goods in the world, caviar, balloons, little cafes and everything that shows that Russia can be pampered and profligate again.

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The Red Square was the landing stage and trade center for Moscow. Ivan the Great decreed that trade should only be conducted from person to person, but in time, these rules were relaxed and permanent market buildings began appearing on the square. After a fire in 1547, Ivan the Terrible reorganized the lines of wooden shops on the eastern side into market lines. The streets Ilyinka and Varvarka were divided into the Upper lines (now GUM department store), Middle lines and Bottom lines, although Bottom Lines were already in Zaryadye).

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