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The Moscow underground is not just a means of transport but also an art gallery. Take the excalator and descend deep below ground (tickets are very cheap), get off at a few different stations and have alook round. You’re in for a suprise. One station has ceiling mosaics depicting great victories from Russian history, another is all Art Noveau, another is a perfect example of classic Socialist Realism – a border guard and his dog watch over the frontier, women in a collective farm bind hay into sheaves, little girls read a book… and marble, marble, marble wherever you look.
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The Moscow Metro is a state-owned enterprise.[3] Its total length is 305.5 km (189.8 mi) and consists of 12 lines and 185 stations. The average daily passenger traffic is 6.6 million. Ridership is highest on weekdays (when the Metro carries over 7 million passengers per day) and lower on weekends. Each line is identified according to an alphanumeric index (usually consisting of a number), a name and a colour.

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