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Travel to Moscow – Izmaylovo market

Do you want to buy a mammoth’s lower jaw, a piece of a meteorite or chess-set made of mammoth tusks, Then Izmaylovo market is the right place. You will also find guaranteed-authentic icons, old cameras, toy cars from the times of your distant childhood, old swords, bullets and weapons of WWII including German ones, a collection of Czech medals from the 1950s, samovars, statues, old newspapers with headlines celebrating Gagarin’s space flight…You name it, it’s on sale here. It is said to be the biggest market in the country. And next to it you’ll find another great attraction, Stalin’s bunker, from where he commanded his troops battling in the streets of Moscow. The bunker was connected to the Kremlin by an underground tunnel and another underground tunnel connected the bunker to the airport in case Stalin had to flee. The tunnel was discovered by accident in the late 1970s when a stadium was being renovated for the Olympics and the pitch suddenly caved in. Only the KGB weren’t surprised.

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