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Useful tips while traveling in Hamburg

Useful tips while traveling in Hamburg

Trip tip

It is easy to get around Hamburg thanks to its compact centre and excellent transport system. A Hamburg Card provides unlimited access to public transport and free or reduced admission to top tourist attractions (

Must do

As Hamburg is surrounded by water it would be a shame not to explore the city by boat, ferry or steamer. On a warm summer’s day do as the locals do and take a cruise from the Binnenalster (Inner Alster) to the Aussenalster and its parkland fringes.

Travel information and weather

The best time to visit Hamburg is late spring or early summer when the weather is mild. The warmes months in Hamburg are June, July and August, with mean temperature to 19 to 22 degrees celsius. The coldest month is January when the average temperature is around -2 degrees celsius. The local currency is the euro (1 american dolalr = €0.73 approximately).

Getting there

Emirates flies daily between Dubai and Hamburg. Visit or for further information.

Interesting facts about Hamburg

Europa Passage is one of Hamburg’s glitziets city centre shopping malls; The ‘Speicherstadt’ district consists of old warehouses built on thop of oak poles. Since 1991 the buildings have been listed and now house numerous museums and shsops; a cafe in the warehouse is surrounded by water and has more bridges than Amsterdam and Venice put together; The Hamburg Dungeon displays 2,000 years of Hamburg’s darker history, complete with a torture chamber; ‘Knot Otto’ is one of the more unusual attractions at the Hamburgers Fischmarkt; the spire of the St Michaelis church offers stunning views and boasts Germany’s biggest tower clock; the Hamburgher Fischmarkt is as much about free entertainment as it is about shopping.

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