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Hike, walk, travel, discover world arround your self. Don't just land there, do something.
If I had my life to live over again then I would relax. I would take more chances. I would take more trips. I would climb more mountain, swim more sea, and watch more sunsets.I would go places and do things and travel lighter than I have. I would ride more merry-go-rounds. Explore lovely cottages and its beautiful environment.


Travel and trips

Spend some time on the Costa Smeralda, move to Alghero, famous Stintino or explore nuraghe arround Sassari. If you have enough of time then enjoy a visit in the bustling centre of Caligaryi.

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Holidays to Europe

Montjuic - BarcelonaBarcelona - Spain

If you only had a few hours to visit Barcelona, you should spend them walking to Montjuic - a hill above old barcelona's port. In the garden quarter we can find art galleries, museums, many sought-after restaurants and popular night clubs .. ..more

Capo Carbonara - SardiniaSardinia

Take a trip to medeival town of Castelsardo and not to be left out is a visit to admire the rocky landscape of this splendid coast in particular Capo Carbonara, Serpentara island, Cavoli island, where granite takes on spectacular forms ...more

Portoroz SloveniaSlovenia

Portorose Slovenia is a resort with many hotels of all categories. The most impresive now is a renewed Palace hotel known as Kempinski Palace hotel. ..more


Rovinj - CroatiaTravel to Croatia

Days of summer and enjoying on the Croatian beach in the warm sun are almost over. Autumn brings in the Istria towns and villages new and unique experience. Actual it is created to escape from everyday life and release the beauty of nature and cultural sites Istra villages . .. more

Rovinj - CroatiaTravel to Italy

Italy Holidays are a relaxing way to spend your free time, making friends, eating great food, and immersing yourself in a different culture. If you are serious about visiting of the sites like Pompeii, Amalfi,, Heraculaneum.. then the cooler Spring will make this a comfortable experience. .. more


Rovinj - CroatiaHiking in Corsica - France

The location of Calanche of Piana lies on the mid western shoreline of the isle. The natural reserve, which is part of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, occupies porphyritic rock group of Scandola isthmus. The location consists of a shoreline of astonishing attractiveness studded with offshore islets and sea pillars growing out of clear waters.

Bali Crete sunrise - GreeceHolidays in Crete Greece


Did you ever hear for Bali, Bali in Crete Island. Here on Crete island you can find small village and tourist destination Bali. In the village of Bali you can choose accommodation in one of small hotels close the sea..

Check out also beaches on east side Ierapetra Crete


Vacation in Oklahoma CityShort vacation in Oklahoma City

We decided to spend a week in Oklahoma City in their beautiful OKC hotel. When we arrived at the airport there was already a shuttle for us, which is included in the whole OKC hotel service. The next morning we went on a little shopping spre around the town. Oklahoma City has several shopping Malls that are pretty big. We visited the Quail Springs Mall, which is the second most known in Oklahoma City. You can find there everything for everyone. We took OKC hotel shuttle which arranged for transportation of their guests... read more

Waikiki Hawaii - diamond headVacation in Hawaii

We planned our vacation with kids in Waikiki, a tourist district of the Hawaiian city of Honolulu. Vacation in Hawaii is not only sports like surfing, outdoor life and hiking. My son and daughter loved to watch animals, fish, penguins, birds and of course enjoy to swim in the pools. My wife and I enjoy shop surroundings and romantic places.

We stayed in one of Waikiki hotel where we enjoyed our hawaii activities. The hotel was actually some kind of urban village with the private lagoon. Our kids just loved a shallow lagoone to swim and play in. In the evening we take a shuttle to Waikiki main shopping area. We visited a lot of shops - started with Royal Hawaiian Shoping Center and ended into small shops with aloha shirts and T-shirts that represent Hawaii lifestyles (of course I buy two - for my son and me). The day trip closed with the dinner at the hotel where band playing music and because of Friday we enjoyed fireworks.

We also self planned (less expensive) a visit to Maui island. We took a day trip to Maui and leave all of our stuff in hotel room in Waikiki, got on a plane and flew to Maui. Our goal was a trip package that offer a maui activities with some different trips. The best one, for our kids and also for us was a submarine trip. It was exciting adventure into the more than 130 feet (40 m) below the sea into the world of tropical fish. We continued trip with a stroll along the Lahaina town and their stores and shops.

Another activities on our trip was one of the most popular on Maui - Maui luaus. It was an evening full of flower, beauty, dance and tasteful food. Tired of all the activities on the island of Maui, we returned to the hotel into a nice bed.