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    Learn Italian in American School Naples - Italy

    As you may know, Italian is the official language of Italy. Majority of its people speak that language. However, Italian is not well-understood in many of the countries in the world, compared to English which is considered throughout the world as an international language. Well, it is for this reason basically that American schools are now available anywhere in the country, particularly at Naples, Italy.

    Italians wanting to learn American English

    The American school in Naples, Italy now comes in great number. These schools are built for several good reasons, with the increasing number of Italians wanting to learn American English being the primary factor. It’s worth knowing that American schools in Naples, Italy provide curriculums that are great enough to meet the needs of its students. They are generally run by the government, but many of them are managed by private individuals. Whoever their owners are, the American schools in Naples, Italy are playing a very important role in the development of the Italian society and its people.

    One of the most well-known American schools in Naples, Italy today is the International School of Naples. This institution was first founded to allow the people in the Naples area to learn the English language. It is owned by the parents of the children who are enrolled in this American school, and it is worthy to know that these owners constitute greatly a non-profit association. As such, they elect the members of their own Board of Trustees. Today, the International School of Naples (ISN) is considered throughout the city as one of the regular parts of the European Council of International Schools. It is even authorized currently by the Italian Ministry of Education as a private American school in Naples, Italy.

    There is also the Naples American High School, which is currently run by the Department of the Defense Education Activity. As the name implies, this American school in Naples, Italy was established to provide high schools students the chance to learn the American language and improve their writing skills in all fields. The curricula offered at this American school are perfect for all grade levels in all areas, whether athletic programs, fine arts, foreign language, English language arts, health education, mathematics, and a lot more.

    American school in Naples, Italy was established to provide high schools students the chance to learn the American languageNote that both the International School of Naples and the Naples American High Schools are currently operating to provide such coverage. They are considered throughout the city of Naples these days are two of the most worth attending schools in the whole Italy simply for the great opportunities they offer for students. Both are also located at the center of the city of Naples, Italy, close to the major attractions and business hubs.