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    Take a holiday on the great cost of Croatia for a perfect summer in your own holiday apartment. Croatia warmly invites holidaymakers to spend the best weeks of the year on the idyllic beaches of the Adriatic. This Mediterranean country with its welcoming inhabitants draws everyone who has ever been there into its spell.

    Dalmatian coast is one of the last Mediterranean regions where it's quality that matters, not mass tourism.
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    Buzet Croatia

    Riber Mirna from Buzet town


    Picturesque town on the hill - Buzet

    Buzet is a small town in the central part of Istria Croatia, about 10 km from Slovenia and Croatia border. It is positioned on a 151 high hill above the river Mirna valley.

    Landscape of Buzet area is very diverse, their altitude mesure from 10 m to over 1000 m above sea level. The climate of region depends on altitude.

    While in the Mirna valley dominated the mild Mediterranean climate, the mountainous region Cicarija has continental and mountain climate. It is interesting thing that in vicinty of Buzet is located the smalest city in the world Hum with 23 locals.

    Buzet - medaeval gateWhat to see in Buzet


    It was first mentioned as the prehistoric ruin of a castle, made like the acropolis, which top people could reach climbing circularly, like to the edge of a snail shell. Like many other towns in Istria, Buzet was once a part of the Venetian empire and bears eye-catching reminders of its days as a Venetian colony. Most of the town's monuments date from the 16th and 17th centuries.

    The settlement runs downward slope of the hill from the north to teh south.Buzet town has two town gates, four squares connected with three main streets. The Venetian style Large Gate and Small Gate date from the late 16th century and the town's most outstanding monument, the Church of St George was built in 1611. The main square with the parish church is chiseled uot in the live rock. The waterwell which dates thr 18th century was once the centre of the town.

    The new, modern part of the town is gathered nowdays in the bottom of the hill, in Fontana. The fairs were held there during the 19th century and the National home was built in 1907.

    Centre of Oprtalj - IstriaBike trip from Novi Grad to Buzet

    Thanks to watertight flisch layers, region of Buzet does not have scarce water resources. River Mirna is one of the most remarkable surface water-flows in the area of the Istria peninsula. It is the longest and the richest Istrian river. Its length is 53 km, it springs in the vicinity of Buzet, and it flowing out into the Adriatic Sea near town Novigrad.
    Novigrad could be also a starting point for a 30 km long bike trip to the villages in Mirna valley. You will start your tour at sea level and end at the highest point and goal in 151 m high Buzet town.

    On a tour you will enjoy in magnificent rough green hills of Motovun region, a stunning combine of natural world and small scale traditions and farming. Here is located the well-known extensive forests of Motovun, rich of truffles. If you have enaugh of time you can stay to the Motovun or Livade small town having a meal and taste gastronomic specialty with truffles or only bought some souvenir..

    Flow out of Mirna riverArive to Buzet town

    Most of the bike route climbs gently along ease roads excluding the final two km into town of Buzet, through a beautiful country from where you have pleasant views of the sea on serene days.

    At the end of your tour you will reach Buzet. The town is perfect place to having a rest with wonderful views on the valley at one of the dining places. You can leisurely walk around the splendid medieval centre with four squares, visit the regional museum and admire the parish church and the baroque fountain. Fountain in Buzet is actual one of the most charming town fountains in whole Istria