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  • Hotels are situated in the heart of Bled and offers visitors wonderful views across the picturesque lake with its island, the medieval cliff-top castle and the majestic Julian Alps in the background.

    Of cource you can choose accomodation in surroundings town in a pleasant and quiet area.


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    Walk from Lake Bohinj to Seven Triglav Lakes valley

    Močivec Lake - Triglav national park

    Where is Lake Triglav valley

    Lake Bled is origin for ascent to the Triglav national park from east side, and Lake Bohinj offer approach to Triglav's park from south side. The valley is the core of the national park and unique for its scenery with high rock faces, glaciated lakes, plentiful of alpine flora and fauna, carstic landscape. The most populare trips from Lake Bohinj are trip to Lake Triglav valley and Komna meadow. The best chois for accomodation is sourrodning Lake Bohinj, but for your transport to walking origin you must have car. Distance between Lake Bohinj and waterfall Savica where the all walking paths begin is aproximatly five or more kilometer. Your own car, car hire or taxi is almost necessary. . You can book car online from car hire rent a car supplier.

    Autumn in the mountain - Seven Lakes in Triglav national parkHike to Triglav Lake valley

    The starting point of Lake Triglav valley hike is positioned on parkplace near Savica waterfall. The path begins with crossing the bridge over Sava Bohinjka river. The map, yes it's important that before you begin with walk to the Lake Triglav valley you have your own map. Good shoes: to the first of Seven Triglav's lake you need 3 - 4 houres and 3 houres for return. Don't use your new shoes, take any old and comfortable one. Even you are going on trip to Seven Lakes take enough of wather.

    Double Lake - Triglav National park Double lake with hut - Triglav national park Lake under Vrsac - Triglav national park

    Seven Triglav Lakes valley and mountains of Lepo Spicje

    Hike Map of Lake Triglav valley Where is Triglav National Park  and Pokljuka plateau on map - Triglav national park Ascent at the winter on Mount Triglav is serious alpine climbing

    Kidney lake - Triglav national park Green Lake  - Triglav national park Valley of seven lakes - Triglav national park

    From Lake Bohinj over Komarca wall

    Ready to go? What's the weather like? Sunny ? Yes! Let's take a hike!
    From the parking place cross a small bridge. Follow the path route and turn left uphill - see sign with name "Sedmera" or "7..." This is beginning of path to the Komarca wall. It is a 600 meters high wall across which interesting trail is made. The path is marked and on exposed places secured. At the top of the wall you can take a rest enjoying view on a valley with Lake Bohinj. For ascent over 600 m you need 2 houres+ and at least one liter of water because you ascend over sunny slopes of Komarca

    Black Lake- Triglav national paBlack Lake- Triglav national parkrkBlack Lake


    The Black lake is only 15 minutes away. For tired hikers is now time to returen. The path slowly ascends continue thrue the wood to the Double Lake.

    There you will find a mountain hut, where you can have a meal. For most of hikers here is end point frome where return back to Bohinj. For other here on 2100m the real mountaneering begin.
    I sugesst that you follow the path thrue the valley uphill thus observing the beauty of Triglav lakes to the another mountain hut Koca na Prehodavcih which is two hours uphill from the hut Na sedmerih jezerih (Seven lake hut). In a hut of Prehodavci you can pass the night. Next day you can decide for ascent on the Triglav summit (3 houres) or return back. Triglav which is already a serious climb allowed only to the skilled and well trained and physically fit mountaineers .