Winter hiking and skiing to Pokljuka plateou - Slovenia

HikeNow february 2014 Winter hiking and skiing to Pokljuka plateou - Slovenia

Skiing in Pokljuka plateau

Winter time on Pokljuka, SloveniaPokljuka is one of the most popular starting points for ski touring. The road is almost always transportable, the starting point for hikes to the mountains is high and tours are relatively short and light.

Ascent to mt. Visevnik (2050 m) 

Well, here we are - bellow mt. Visevnik with 2055 m is one of the most visited Slovenian moutain in winter. What makes this mountain so popular is very simple: the road lead us to the foothill, a short rise to the summit and low level of ascent.

But this is not all - mt Visevnik is also attractive because of an incredible choice of the direction of ski descent. For mt. Viševnik is quite normal if you climb one on one trail and descent by foot or ski by other route. And that's not all, you can extend your trail with a ascent to to neighboring peaks like Ablanca, Veliki Draski vrh, Mali Draski vrh, Selisnik or Debeli vrh.

Where to ski from mt Visevnik

An interesting ski descent runs from the eastern shoulder of Mt. Viševnik. The shoulder, where we cross the Snake edge, can be reached also when we run from the top of mt Viševnik along the eastern ridge. We could ski along the ridge close the distinctive rock head and then turned to the north slope. Then ski down the slope to the right and continue to the Snake Edge (Kacji rob). There is also another chois to cross slopes to the left and ski in the foothill of Srenj pass (Srenjski preval). All these is of course for experienced skiers, who know how to assess snow conditions on the north usually less processed slopes.

The lovers of white slopes can try out a ski area with two ski lifts under mt. Viševnik on Pokljuka. Ski resort Viševnik I and II open every day from 9 am up to 16 hours. At the ski resort operates a snack bar.

For lovers of cross-country skiing is cross-country trails in the length of 2.5 km, 5 km and 10 km, also regulates the parking lot.

Ascent to mt Visevnik in winter, Pokljuka

What to do on Pokljuka Slovenia

The Pokljuka plateau is twenty km long and almost as wide. It’s covered with pine wood woods and pastures and ranges on the elevation which ranges from 1100 to 1400 m above the sea level.

The Pokljuka plateau offers many sports opportunities. The plateau shows wonderful starting point for hiking, whilst the bicyclists take pleasure in its stunning scenery, low vehicle transport volume and somewhat more demanding nearby ascents.

There are numerous old bear migration paths leading throughout the Pokljuka forests that require the hikers to be very careful! One of its attractive points is perhaps the cattle, still grazing on its pastures through the summer time. The shepherds of these pastures will provide you with sour milk, curd and cheese.

During the winter season it becomes a popular cross-country skiing spot that as well hosts worldwide biathlon competitions.