Strunjan Slovenia

Bay of Strunjan Slovenia

Strunjan is an old salt-making village between Piran and Izola towns. The Strunjan Nature Reserve is a part of the Strunjan Landscape Park and encloses four kilometres long northern coast of the Strunjan Peninsula between the Simon and Strunjan Bays, together with some 200 metres wide coastal water belt.

The reserve covers 160 ha, and the land: sea ratio is estimated at 1: 2.5. The cape among Piran and Strunjan bay was already inhabitable in roman and illyrian era and in year 1283 Piran as the last Venetian town went under venetian authority.

People in Piran lived pretty good at that time, they were trading with oil, wine and salt. We can still find churches, part of town wall with defence towers, the rest of an old town doors of Piran, monastery and a rich museum and archive material from the Venetian times. It's always a pleasure to visit Piran.

View from Strunjan to Piran peninsula SloveniaNature park of Strunjan

The coast of Strunjan isthmus is the area known for its distinctive scenery and cultural heritage. The Peninsulas northern face is phenomenal due to its giant flysch cliff, physical remarkable, sub-Mediterranean flora and varied marine species and locale sorts.

Its southern slopes, fertile terraces, slowly descend in direction of the Strunjan coast and Strunjan salt works making a rare thing of high cultural, visual and native values.

The exclusive interweaving of various genuine surroundings of the Strunjan sea and Strunjan satt-pans, from undersea pastures to tamarisk habitats, is an worthy environment of several vegetable and animal varieties, and in addition an exemplar of unbeaten symbiosis of natural world and people.

the territory of the Strunjan Nature Park is recognized for its saltpans, fishing and mainly agricuftural tradition. Its natives made their homes and outbuildings in protected places, used their valleys and sunny siopes for agricultural reasons and as a result cocreated the characteristic and rare picture of Strunjan cultural country.

Strunjan saltpans SloveniaMap of Strunjan BayVisitors are fascinated from the mild littoral climate, attractive coastline and calmness of the bay. Weather here is really enjoyable, with its local circulation of the air, which is soothing for the summer sultry. The bay is known for quadratic water fields with dykes. People collected salt from year 804 in time of the Venetian republic.

Even now they produce on traditional way around hundred kilograms of salt per year. This whole area is in nowadays protected as the cultural monument and regional park. Here we can admire plants, who are used to salty earth. The attraction of that part is also birds. There are around 270 different species of birds.

Strunjan Pine avenueThe road of double-Iined stone pin is part of the road to the major Koper Portoroz. The pine trees were planted more than one hundred years ago and even now provide shade tor the tourists.

Hundred year old pine avenue of Strunjan

Finding a Strunjan bay is very easy. When you travel from Koper town to Portorose resort watch out for double lined stone pine - at the end of avenue planted with pines turn to the left in direction of saltpans..

The road of double-Iined stone pin is part of the road to the major Koper Portoroz. The pine trees were planted more than one hundred years ago and even now provide shade to the tourists.


Salinera StrunjanBioenergy park

Strunjan bioenergy recreational area is the ideal location for a relaxing vacation yet also provides the choice of more dynamic pursuits. Fine place in Strunjan bay fuses the perfect sea-side views with the lush sea green environments.

Walking in surrounding of Salinera park enjoy the coast climate, the natural attraction of the area, the unique features of the bay, the sunny and the abundance of sights at the Salinera Park.

Parking is for all hotel's visitors and you can find also room for bicycles. Bioenergy Resort Salinera is located within effortless walking distance from the city centre of Portoroz, Piran or Strunjan hotel resort and offers comfortable accommodation blended with warm hospitality.

In the center of the resort is located Salinera bioenergy park with 12 points, which are primarily aimed at facilitating a wide range of health problems and a better feeling. Each energy point in the park working on various body organs. It is also prescribed stop time and the power of radiation of point. It is desirable that the visitors, before entering the park to read a description of the park, because the only way to thoroughly understand the purpose and operation of energy points in the park.