Weather in Piran

View from Piran to DolomitesThe coast region of Slovenia with Piran, Portoroz and Koper is the warmest part of Slovenia.

They have typical sub-Mediterranean climate, which is subject to long, hot summers, while winters are mild. The winter temperatures rarely fall below zero degrees. Piran has on average a lot of sunny days per year, and a little rain. The weather forecast promised to Piran serene weather in most of summer days.

The average air temperature in the town of Piran and coast region is in the summer months 21.5 ° C , and 4 ° C in winter. The town of Piran has on average 97 sunny days per year.

Best Time to visit Piran is during the summer season, ( June to August), when Piran enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of reduced prices and avoid crowds of tourists, then the ideal traveling time is late Spring or early Fall.

Fortrees of PiranWhat to see in Piran

Piran is certainly one of the most interesting towns along Slovenian coast. The town is not only attractive for people who love history, romantic souls and walking through the streets, it is also an interesting place for children. Specially sun bathing here can be very joyfoul experience.

The real heart of the town Piran is Tartini square. It is also a lovely center where visitors and local people get together. In the middle of the square there is a monument dedicated to Italian violin player Giuseepe Tartini (1692-1770), he was probably the most famous citizen of the town.

Around this monument you can find interesting buildings from all kinds of era. The most picturesque building is the municipal palace of Piran and other buildings from the second part of the 19. century, venetian house from the middle of 15. century and the church of St. Peter. Near the church stands Tartinis birth house with settled memorial room. Close the harbor stay classical building from the 19. century lovely museum dedicated to Sergej Mašera. In the museum is besides the fisher and archaeological department also a special department dedicated to work craft of gathering salt from the sea.

A few meter from salt museum there is another interesting Museum for underwater activity. Here can people admire beautiful underwater pictures and interesting specimens from history of diving in Slovenia and from all over the world. Museum is also very attractive for children.

Piran old townAbove Piran there is a mighty cathedral from 17. century with own belfry, the church is consecrated to the protector of the town St. Jurij. On our way among the streets we will find also interesting baroque church of Marija Snežna and church of St. Frančišek with monastery from the 14. century . Monastery is also known for picturesque crisscross corridor where in summer they organize concerts.

Tips and tricks

Finding a parking place is still a big problem in the town , specially in summer time. Even the locals don't have a real place for parking their cars.

Now no one can park the car inside the town, people must live their cars outside the city of Piran in newly built parking house. We can use the free bus or we can even walk (it is not so far away) from Tartini square to parking house. Using the bicycle is another interesting way for exploring the town