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  • Alhambra Palace hotel is set on the same hilltop as the palace, allowing you fantastic views over the city of Granada and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and Alpujarras beyond. The entrance to the palace is found just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel, through a pleasant wooded hillside. Home | Term of Services | Privacy Policy | Site Map Copyright © 2007-2015

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    Alhambra palace Granada

    In the middle of a fairly desolate landscape at the low slope of the town lies one of the greatest attractions of Andalusia: The Palace of La Alhambra. Travel to Granada is not complete without visit of palaces and gardens Alhambra - Alcazaba Granadaof Alhambra.

    As soon as you come into the city of Granada, you can feel special float of spirit, which in itself is mixed Arab and European culture, which gives the city a special charm.

    La Alhambra

    The tickets can be purchased at the automatic machine of “La Caixa” bank, the collaborator bank entity with the company that manages Serviticket service. The tickets can also be acquired in internet ( or by telephone calling to the number 902 888 001.

    Alhambra gardens - Granada Where is Granada Map of Generalife and Alhambra - Granada Spain


    The name of the town Granada

    The name of the town Granada is a very old and mysterious. It could mean a big city, after the Roman fortress that once stood on the Albaicin hill. When the Arabs invade the city, predominantly Jewish population has lived in the city .

    The first settlers of Granada in prehistoric times were indigenous tribes.. At that period the area was known as Ilbyr. When the Romans colonized southern Spain, they have built their own city named Illibris. The Arabs, who were captured Iberian peninsula, have given the place today's name - Granada.


    Generalife gardens, Alhambra GranadaLast sultanate in Granada

    Granada was also the last Muslim city, which was taken over by Spanish Reconquista in 1492. After this yera the city returned under the authority of the Spanish king Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella Castilian. Ferdinand and Isabella were also buried in Granada, their bodies rest in the royal chapel.

    Alhambra palace consists of a series of palaces and gardens, which were built under the Nasrid dynasty, which ruled here between 1238 and 1492. Glorious achievement of architecture, which reveals all the richness of Arabs, is located on the Spanish foothills of  highest mountain ranges - Sierra Nevada. ..

    Alhambra Granada



    Beauty of Alhambra palace decoration

    Walls, ceilings and floors Alhambra palace are richly decorated with stone and wood carvings.
    Muslim art does not know for rendering the man, but they know how to characterize particular geometric patterns, especially the repeated symmetrical patterns. And this is all so complex that a man takes your breath

    After re-occupy of fortress, the Christians of the middle of the complex built their own buildings. For this reason, in the middle of Alhambra stands Palace of  Charles V.,.which  is a magnificent example of Spanish Renaissance architecture.

    Siera Nevada from Alhambra Granada



    On the hill overlooking the Alhambra, stands the old moorish kazbah and Medina, with the name of Albaicin. This is a fascinating labyrinth of narrow streets and white houses with home gardens, called carmenes.

    Alhambra was the palace, citadel, fortress and home of the Sultan Nasrid dynasty, senior government officials and elite troops of the dynasty. It was the last Islamic sultanate at the Pyrenees peninsula.

    Alcazaba fortrees - Alhambra GranadaFortress of Alcazaba

    Territory where the fortress stands is ideal for control of the events near and far. The part Alhambra is also summer palace called Generalife, the greatest beauty of the wells and gardens.

    After the Alhambra has been in ruins and almost forgotten (in meed time was a prison), the American writer Washington Irving with roman Stories from Alhambra again provide the glory.

    There are many tourist attractions in Granada well worth a visit. The Alhambra Palace is definitely one of the top choices.

    The interior of the Alhambra Palace Hotel is full of exquisite features inspired by the adjacent palace. Its spacious hall is covered in marble, arches, ornate stonework and rich fabrics – a glimpse into Granada’s impressive Moorish heritage. This charming decor extends to your own room, where you can marvel at the distinctive, Islamic touches such as the intricate tiles in the marble bathroom.